Luna’s Smart Bed Mattress Cover is Designed for Sweet Dreams


Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as counting a few sheep when your head hits the pillow. According to the Institute of Medicine, over 50 million Americans have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. A host of complications can be the result of not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, including feeling more irritable and moody, headaches, visual disturbances, a lowered immune system, aches and pains in various muscle groups, poor coordination, and an increase in falls and other accidents. Luna aims to change all of this with a smart bed mattress cover that’s designed to give users a better night’s sleep.

Our overview looks at the features of this new product, and lists the cover’s advantages and disadvantages to help our readers decide if this smart bed mattress cover is a good addition to their smart home.

How the Luna Smart Bed Mattress Cover Works

Luna’s smart mattress cover features hundreds of sensors that measure things like a user’s sleep phase, heart rate, respiration, and body temperature as well as the temperature, level of light and moisture level of the room. It also has a microphone, to detect snoring or other signs of disturbed sleep. The cover then uses the feedback it receives from these sensors to give users an overall sleep score so that they can know how well they slept during the night. Users access their sleep score report through an iOS or Android app on their phone.

The cover can also warm up the user’s bed and keep it at a stable temperature throughout the night, for a more restful sleep. Users can set up different zones so that the bed can be warmed to two different temperatures, which is great if a user’s partner prefers a warmer or cooler temperature. The cover is compatible with iOS and Android devices and also works with any device that uses IFTTT to help integrate the cover with smart home devices to make sleep more comfortable.

Luna’s cover is both comfortable and convenient. The covering is made of 100% polyester, and can be put in either the washer or dryer as it is water resistant. It features layers of batting so that users cannot feel the sensors through the material. The mattress cover is available in four sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King and will fit over many mattress toppers as well. The cover is designed to fit over the mattress but underneath the users sheets and other bed covers so that the mattress cover doesn’t actually come into contact with the user’s skin during use.

Luna Smart Bed Mattress Cover Advantages

Luna’s smart mattress cover automatically learns the user’s sleeping habits and then automatically adjusts its settings in an attempt to make the user’s sleep more restful. For example, the cover features a smart alarm system so that when a user is sleeping, the mattress cover can detect the optimum point in their sleep cycle to wake them so that they feel energized rather than groggy.

Users can control the cover remotely from their smart phone or tablet, and the cover works with any IFTTT device, so that the mattress can “tell” the other smart devices in the user’s home to lock the doors, dim the lights and turn down the thermostat when the user goes to sleep. Smart Wi-Fi devices that the cover will work with include those manufactured by Nest, Lockitron, Beep, Emberlight, WeMo, and Phillips Hue.

The cover can also detect when the user has awakened, and can help users get their day off to a good start when they wake up, by automatically turning on their lights, and even music if the user has the Spotify app.

Users can preorder the cover now and receive 20% off the price once the covers are manufactured and shipped.

Disadvantages of the Luna Smart Bed Mattress Cover

Getting the cover to work with other smart devices isn’t fully automatic, as users will need to use the IFTTT protocol to build scripts to enable these devices to communicate with the cover.

While users can preorder the cover, it isn’t expected to ship until after August 2015.

Currently, the cover isn’t available in a twin or crib size, which is a drawback for users with small children.

For the time being, Luna’s smart cover is only available in white with gray sides.

Luna’s smart mattress cover made its debut at CES 2015, where it joined a full slate of hundreds of other new smart appliances that users can expect to see in smart homes of the future. Given the advantages and disadvantages, what do you think of the Luna Smart Bed Mattress Cover? If you have a smart home, do you think this cover would integrate well with your other devices? Why not let us know what you think in the comments section below? Your feedback helps us to provide you with the fun and helpful information that you need and want!

Photo Credit: Calamity_Hane