Lucis NuBryte: A Smart Home Lighting and Safety Monitoring System


Lucis NuBryte checks all the boxes for a great smart home lighting and safety monitoring system. With its capability to multitask, NuBryte’s cloud-based platform works overtime to provide consumers with customized lighting modes, protective security monitoring, real-time weather updates and alerts, and a family calendar to help keep everyone on track with their busy schedules. NuBryte is a great choice for consumers that want an intelligent system to manage all their home connection needs.

How Does NuBryte Work?

The NuBryte system is a multi-functional, intelligent console that meets consumers’ needs for smart home monitoring on several levels. Easy to use with the free downloaded NuBryte app and a Wi-Fi network, the device is designed for installation onto your current light switch panel to provide a centralized hub for customized monitoring.

You get adjustable options with NuBryte’s LearningLights mode for around-the-clock lighting preferences. NuBryte also includes a Household Intercom system that provides consumers with the capability to communicate with other family members throughout their home.

NuBryte keeps you informed of the latest Weather Updates and Alerts so you are prepared before venturing outdoors during bad weather conditions. Another great feature of NuBryte is the Energy Reporting System that will give you regular lighting energy usage reports as an incentive for cost savings.

If you are in need of a tool to help manage and schedule activities and events, the Family Calendar will provide you with regular reminders and also in-room notifications. NuBryte comes standard with a Security Camera to monitor and track intrusive activity and will engage an alarm system followed by real-time alerts to your Smartphone to notify you of any break-ins.

Choose Your Own Customized Smart Home Lighting Modes

NuBryte provides consumers with multiple options to choose their own unique smart home lighting modes that mimic natural conditions throughout the day to fit their lifestyles. Select the Morning Light mode when you need NuBryte to give you a refreshing boost to gently awaken you to get your day started.

At the end of a work day, the Welcome Home mode lets consumers set the console based on their choice for the level of lighting to greet them upon return. When you are at home and going about your daily tasks and activities, NuBryte will use the On the Move mode to automatically make adjustments to the level of lighting within each room in your home.

When you are getting ready for a restful night of sleep, the Bedtime Dimmer will engage to slowly lower the level of lighting. The Night Light mode provides ambient light settings during the evening hours for those times when you need a gently lit path for direction. As a preventative against potential break-ins while you are away on a trip, the Vacation Mode will provide your home with a natural lighting setting to help protect it from invasive intruders.

Technical Specifications of Lucis NuBryte

All of NuBryte’s great features are easily accessible remotely from your Smartphone. The device includes a high definition (HD) 5-inch touch screen with a 16:9 display panel that provides clear viewing. The overall dimensions of the NuBryte are 4.75 inches in height by 5.23 inches in width by 0.42 inches in depth and a weight of 370g. The system can be used with standardized incandescent lighting and is also compatible with dimmable LED lighting.

Protective monitoring is provided by a built-in security camera that has wide-angled lenses with a viewing range of 120 degrees. The digital dimmer can be easily fitted into a standard single housing or a double gang housing. Designed to be user friendly, the device is styled with nicely formatted shortcut buttons that help guide users during navigation.

NuBryte provides consumers with a detailed user’s manual to provide helpful guidance during installation. The system is currently only compatible with an Apple iOS app at the time of this article but consumers can look forward to Android app accessibility in the near future. NuBryte comes with a standard 1-year limited warranty and availability of the product is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015. Consumers can get a great deal and save $50 off the regular price of $199 by placing a pre-order now for just $149.