Looking For Indiana Cable TV Options?


You may think that your Indiana Cable TV options are rather limited. You’d be wrong. Sure, there are the three or four big companies out there that everyone has heard of. But what you’re probably not aware of are the various smaller companies that sometimes offer services in extremely limited areas.

These smaller companies often offer better packages and pricing than the bigger competitors in the market. For this reason, it’s a good thing to do some research prior to choosing a TV provider.

A Quick Note on the Big Companies

When I say “big company” I mean a company that has millions of subscribers across the country. These are the Comcast/XFINITY, Cox Cable, and Time Warner Cable. The packages these companies offer are pretty well-known. Their level of customer service satisfaction is also pretty well-known. You can do better.

Check Out the Local Indiana Cable TV Companies

Charter Communications is one of the little guys that’s a diamond in the rough. They’re big enough to offer a wide variety of programming packages, but they’re small enough to still really care. As an example of their offerings, they’ve got a package that offers more than 200 channels, many of them in HD, plus an OnDemand library of over 10,000 titles.

They also offer mobile apps so you can take some of your programming with you.

Brighten Your Day With Bright House Networks

Bright House Networks is another of those Indiana Cable TV options that deliver large company options with small company levels of service. Bright House offers services from coast to coast, in very limited areas. Check out our deal finder or their service finder to see if you live where Bright House is available.

Two basic packages are offered, one that offers more than 80 channels and one that offers more than 300. Both are offered with no contract requirements and local 24/7 customer service.

CenturyLink Offers Indiana Cable TV and High Speed Internet

Not too long ago, I reported that CenturyLink is beginning to offer fiber optic service to residential customers in certain test areas. I mentioned that their test areas are constantly expanding. This fiber to the home (FTTH) service promises to offer Internet speeds that were unheard of not too long ago. However, CenturyLink also offers residents of certain areas of Indiana TV packages through a partnership with DirecTV. They offer packages for all budgets, as well as English and Spanish language packages. Every package they offer also comes with three free months of premium channels such as HBO and SHOWTIME.

Photo Credit: Erik Rautine