Lono Smart Sprinkler System Keeps Plants Happy, Saves Money


If you are looking for a smart sprinkler system that will nourish your plants and lawn while saving you money at the same time then Lono is the answer. This smart sprinkler provides you with automated control and scheduling that prevents overwatering while lowering the cost of your water bills. Lono will help you use up to 70% less water while helping to promote ongoing efforts of water conservation. As an added perk, you may also be eligible to receive a rebate toward the cost of Lono from your local state government.

How the Lono Sprinkler Controller Works

Automatic watering control with Lono lets you manage the care of your lawn, plants, and flowers all from the comfort of your smartphone. You can easily set the watering schedule to make sure that your grass and plants are thoroughly nourished regardless of your location. Mobil automation and control lets you make changes while you may be traveling or miles away on a business trip.

The Lono app is uniquely designed so that you can adjust watering levels for specific zones by either increasing or decreasing the amount of water on your sprinkler system. Flexible scheduling lets you adjust Lono to turn the sprinkler system on during designated times around-the-clock. You can water your lawn and vegetation during the daytime or nighttime hours to fit your own unique schedule.

Lono will use smart watering methods to meet the needs of the particular plants and other vegetation within your region. Highlights of Lono include water saving features linked to “seasonal adjustment, weather and temperature monitoring, and automated scheduling to ensure that your lawn gets the perfect amount of water year round.” (Lono, 2015)

Features and Technical Specifications of Lono

Lono comes with easy to understand instructions for installation and set up. The Lono app can be used on smartphones that use either iOS (8.0+) or Android (4.0+) systems. Connectivity and networking capabilities are provided by Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Wi-Fi. One Lono device can cover and support up to 20 watering zones.

Settings can be adjusted for each zone so that you can set and customize watering times. If you have a cookout or party planned in your backyard, Lono’s unique 24-hour Snooze feature will let you configure the device to take a short break. You can set Lono to make adjustments for a delayed watering schedule while you and your family are enjoying a barbecue.

Lono is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, includes a battery backup and is protected by a splash resistance outer case. The device is not weatherproof so care should be taken as to where you place the unit. Lono can be placed within a container box that is weather resistance for outdoor placement and usage to protect it from the elements.

Get Reimbursed for Cost with Government Rebate

Consumers that purchase a Lono Sprinkler System may be eligible to receive a rebate from their local state government. Some municipalities at the town and city levels may offer to reimburse you for a substantial amount as a result of ongoing water conservation efforts.

Restrictions for getting a rebate may include that only those consumers that use and pay for public city water sources can be eligible for reimbursement. This makes sense considering that consumers that have wells have their own private source of water that is not provided by the public utilities.

The process of obtaining a rebate usually starts with visiting your local state government online and printing out an application form. A representative may have to conduct an onsite inspection to confirm the usage of the Lono smart irrigation controller prior to having your rebate processed.

When you purchase a Lono device, make sure that you keep the original receipt and proof of purchase as well as the packaging that contained the sprinkler system. Rebate reimbursement amounts will vary depending on the jurisdiction of the state government, but most consumers can expect to receive in the range of at least about $100 or more for a rebate.