Long Distance Moving: How to Choose a Reputable Auto Transport Company


Making a major move across multiple states requires the services of long distance moving companies. If you decide that you do not want to take a cross-country trip in your vehicle during the process, the next best option would be to explore using the services of an auto transport company to ship your car, truck or SUV. This helpful checklist of tips will make the process less complex to ensure that your vehicles arrive safely at their new home.

Important Questions To Ask and What You Should Look For

Here’s a handy checklist of questions you should ask when choosing a long distance moving company to transport your vehicles. Is the company licensed, insured and bonded? How long has the company been in business? Make sure you thoroughly check out the background and reputation of any potential auto transport company. Explore online reviews for feedback from past customers. There are multiple online resources available to help you choose a reputable auto transport company.

Verifying reliability for long distance moving companies can include visiting online consumer resources such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Consumer Reports. The BBB provides ratings based on several key factors including consumer satisfaction and promptly responding to and resolving any issues or complaints. Consumer Reports can also provide helpful guidance on how to choose a legitimate moving company and protect yourself from potential scammers.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides consumers with an array of online moving resources. Check out their informative online articles focusing on How to Protect Your Move for helpful tips and suggestions. Learn how to guard against potential fraud and what to look for when choosing a mover. According to the DOT and FMCSA, auto transport service companies must provide you with a copy of the booklet titled Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.

Open Transport Services Versus Enclosed Transport Services

You have several options available when it comes to the type of auto transport services you choose for shipping your vehicles to a new location when you move. Two of the most commonly used methods are open transport and enclosed transport services. Here are some key factors to keep in mind that will help make the process of choosing easier and less stressful.

Open Transport Services: A Great Choice for Most Consumers

When it comes down to overall cost, the open transport method is less expensive. This approach to moving vehicles across long distances is the most familiar to consumers who often see large vehicle carrier trailers loaded with new vehicles on their way to local dealerships. This shipping method will involve having your car, truck or SUV loaded onto an open trailer along with other vehicles.

The drawbacks to using the open transport method are that loaded vehicles will be exposed to the elements, which may include rain, snow, dust and debris. The risks are relatively minor considering that your own car, truck or SUV will be raised several feet off from the pavement during transit. A reputable auto transport company will go that extra mile to ensure safe shipping and arrival of your vehicles to your new home. As such, this is a top choice among most consumers for auto transport services across long distances during a move.

Chose Enclosed Transport for Highly Valued Classics

Another option to consider is enclosed transport services. This method is more expensive but is the right choice for consumers that may own more exotic or expensive vehicle models. When using enclosed transport services you will have the peace of mind and assurance that your valuable vehicles are being fully protected from any potential damage that may occur during transport.

Your precious cargo will be loaded onto a car carrier that resembles an 18-wheeler tractor trailer. The vehicles are safely stored within the interior of the trailer and are not exposed to any external elements such as dust, debris and flying rocks that can damage the finish or potentially crack windshields. This level of service will include having experienced and knowledgeable shippers that are specially trained to expertly load and transport your valuable cargo to its new home.

Other Helpful Moving Tips and Resources

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