Linksys Wireless Router Setup Made Easy

Linksys Wireless Router Setup Made Easy

You can complete a Linksys wireless router setup by following the step-by-step setup wizard, but you have to know what selections to make to complete the wizard successfully. Linksys routers, manufactured by Cisco, are a very popular make of router and in widespread use.

Cisco offers several models but the basic user interface is the same. The Tech-FAQ website has additional information about different Linksys routers. You need an Ethernet cable and a computer to set up the router, but after setup it can work wirelessly.


The routers have several Ethernet ports, labeled Internet, WAN or WLAN. This port is the connection to the Internet and you have to connect an Ethernet cable from there to your High Speed Internet modem. This is a permanent connection and lets your wireless devices access the Internet. There are several other Ethernet ports and you have to connect one of them temporarily to the Ethernet port of your computer. This is the connection that allows you to complete the Linksys wireless router setup.

To ensure that all devices detect each other, unplug your modem, router and switch off the computer you are using to set up the router. Plug the modem in first and wait until the lights show that you have an Internet connection. Plug the router in and wait until the lights show that it has an Internet, WAN or WLAN connection. Switch on your computer and look for the light on the router’s Ethernet port connected to the computer to come on.


Linksys routers are known for their convenient, web-based interfaces. To access the interface, open a browser on your computer and type into the address bar. You will see a log in screen.

The default log in for older Linksys routers is blank for the user log in and “admin” for the password. For newer routers, both are “admin.”

Change both the user name and the password to unique values, so others can’t log in to your router. Remember this step and the settings because, if you forget your log in, make a mistake or want to change settings, you can press the reset button on the router and it will revert to this initial condition.

Linksys Wireless Router Setup

The default setup page has the router and/or wireless network ID and a number of tabs to access different features. You have to change both the router name and wireless network ID to unique names that you recognize, so you won’t mistake them for other devices or networks in your area. You can also select whether you want to broadcast the network ID so guests or other parties to whom you have given the network log in can find and use your wireless network. If you don’t broadcast the ID, your wireless network is harder to find.

Select the wireless security menu item and select the type of security you want for your wireless network. For older routers, WAP is a good option while, for newer routers, you can choose WAP2 for high security. The other devices on your network have to support these standards, so what computers you have will influence your choice. Older models may not be able to handle the WAP2 standard. Once you have selected the type of security, you enter a password and note it for future reference because you will need it the first time each device connects to your new wireless network.

Some of the newer routers use both the older 2.4 GHz frequency band and the new 5GHz band. Only relatively new computers support both bands, so you have to configure the router to use the bands corresponding to the devices you want to connect. The 5GHz band is less crowded and the router will operate faster if you set it to access this frequency band. The older devices that only support 802.11b and 802.11g standards can’t connect to the 5GHz network. If you have older computers, make sure you select these options for the router. The “Mixed Mode” setting supports all the standards.

Save the settings and your router will generate a new wireless network. When you connect devices for the first time, they will indicate that the network is secured and ask you for the password. Enter the network password you programmed and the device will connect. Most devices will remember the log in, so you only have to do this once.

Miscellaneous Settings

Under Internet setup, for DSL connections you sometimes have to enter the settings manually. Most DSL connections use PPPoE and you then have to enter the user name and password for your DSL connection.

Also under Internet setup, some services work with a static IP address, which you have to enter. Most services use the default DHCP setting but you should check with your provider if you’re not sure.

Many Linksys routers have a “Guest” network setting that allows guests at your location to access the Internet but not the rest of your network. You can find the guest access setting under “Wireless.”

Trying to do the Linksys wireless router setup on your own isn’t quite as daunting as it once was, right?