Outsmarted By LG’s Smart Refrigerator

LG Smart Refrigerator LCD screen

LG might have just done it. They may have created a smart refrigerator that is smarter than you — at least in some things.

After all, how often have you peered closely at the undecipherable lettering on the edge of a bottle attempting to determine if it expired last month, or if it is good until next month? What about all those times you stopped off at the grocery store on the way home from work only to realize that you have forgotten the grocery list and it’s still sitting pinned to the fridge? Or even if you remembered the list, how often have you forgotten that one vital ingredient you needed for tonight’s dinner?

LG has designed a way to minimize these incidents by creating the “smart refrigerator” to go with the rest of their “smart appliances.” This refrigerator can tell you when food is past its expiration date. It can send a copy of your grocery list to your smartphone. And it can even tell you what ingredients you are missing for the meal you planned.

This Smart Refrigerator Has the Right Touch

LG’s new Smart Fridge can be controlled through an LCD touchscreen, by voice commands or even remotely from your smartphone. This new refrigerator can do everything from helping you with your diet to telling you when things are past their expiration date.

This new smart refrigerator has an impressive air filtration system, which is used to keep food fresher for longer. It is able to monitor internal conditions and can adjust temperature and air flow to maintain even temperatures. This allows it to avoid cold and warm spots, which are frequently found in standard refrigerators. It also has three unique power saving functions, which can be adjusted by the user and modify power consumption on everything from the temperature maintenance to the brightness of the LCD screen.

LG’s Smart Fridge has an LCD display with a Smart Manager feature, which lets you keep record of stored food along with their expiration dates. There are multiple ways for you to record the refrigerators contents and expiration dates. You can enter the information directly using the touchscreen, which will give you a range of preset items or the information can be entered using a voice recognition system. The new LG refrigerator will also work directly with your smartphone and will recognize information scanned from grocery receipts and barcodes.

Once the information is in your refrigerator memory, it can be accessed directly through the touchscreen or remotely using your smartphone. Without opening the fridge, you can analyze the contents, prepare menus or write your grocery list. The LG smart fridge is even capable of ordering your groceries for you via the LG Smart Shopping program.

Here’s to Good Health!

Perhaps the most ingenious feature on the new LG Smart Fridge is the Health Manager. Using personal information, which you program in such as age, sex, height, weight, BMI, etc., it can create personalized daily and weekly meal plans for each individual or the entire family. The LG Smart Fridge can create menus and suggest recipes based off of caloric or dietary restrictions and its own contents. The LCD display screen will not only show you the recommended recipes, but it will also show helpful demonstration videos to accompany the chosen recipe.

The LG Smart Fridge will also communicate with the LG Smart Oven. Scroll through the suggested meal plans and recipes, then when you select your ideal recipe the smart refrigerator will start adjust the smart oven to the required temperature and program the time. You prepare the meal, pop it in the oven and press start so that the oven knows to begin the cooking sequence. The oven will adjust itself as required and tell you when the meal should be ready.

The interactive LCD screen display on the front of the refrigerator is multi-functional. The display can be used as a news reader, so you can keep up with the latest happenings while spending time in the kitchen. You can also upload photos and create a family album, which can be used as a screen saver or the LCD screen can be used as a family memo pad. For the busy family, it also has the ability to display a Google Calendar so the entire family can keep track of scheduled events.

Like all LG Smart appliances, the LG Smart Fridge can perform a self-diagnosis when something is wrong. It will call in to the service center and, through a series of beeps, inform them what is going on. The service center will then respond either with an updated program or schedule a service technician.