LG Smart Home: The Home of Tomorrow?

LG Smart Home - Smart Refrigerator

The World Fairs of the 1930s promised us a future where everyone had a smart home with everything automated, available at the push of button — and we were promised much of it by the 21st century. Some of the technology made it’s way to the public in recent decades, but most of it was scrapped as inconvenient, expensive, or impossible. Much of it was left behind to be used as science fiction.

It might be a little later than planned, but the home of the future may finally be here. LG has recently revealed their newest line of Internet-connected “Smart” appliances. Some of the concepts aren’t new and have been around for a while, such as the built-in, self-diagnosing computer systems. Other concepts, such as menu recommendations and voice commands are entirely new. LG has once again created the concept of a home that works together to make your life easier.

By scanning the NFC Tag-on symbol on LG’s smart appliances with your iOS or Android smartphone, you can easily register and control all of your LG Smart Appliances. LG’s enhanced connectivity allows users to control and monitor their LG appliances through their TV, while still watching the football game.

LG Smart Vacuum – Hom-Bot

A robotic vacuum cleaner is definitely not a new concept. I’ve had Roombas for a very long time. Even programming options aren’t new. What is new and unique on the LG Hom-Bot is the fact that you can sync it with your phone.

Now when you have last-minute company coming over, you can vacuum your home before you even arrive. With a simple voice command or the push of a button you can activate the robotic vacuum cleaner and send it on its merry way, while you are still stuck in traffic. The embedded Smart Access will also let you steer the vacuum, so you can vacuum a particular area like the seldom-used guest bedroom. The Hom-Bot comes with a built in ‘eye’ for remote navigation.3

LG Smart Washing Machine

The LG Smart Washing Machine can perform a self-diagnosis. Owners would place their smartphone next to the machine and the machine will call the LG service center where it will send over an audible sound, which will be diagnosed. You no longer need to try to describe that odd sound to the person on the other end of the phone. The machine will do it all for you.

The LG Smart Washer can also be synced with your iOS or Android smartphone and you can monitor the progress of your laundry.

LG Smart Refrigerator

This refrigerator has an LCD display and a Smart Manager feature which lets you keep record of stored food along with their expiration dates. This information can be transmitted to your phone for an instant grocery list or, using the LG Smart Shopping, supplies can be automatically ordered.

This Smart Refrigerator will also recommend recipes and menus based upon its contents and your programmed preferences. A personalized meal plan can be programmed using the Health Manager feature. Simply enter personal information such as age, weight and BMI and it will provide recipes, daily and weekly menu plans.

The Smart refrigerator LCD display can also be used as a news reader, photo album, calendar or memo pad. It can also display helpful instructional videos to accompany recommended recipes.

Like all LG Smart appliances it can perform a self-diagnosis, which will call in to the service center and tell them what is wrong with it. The service center will respond either with an updated program or schedule a service technician.

LG Smart Oven

A trip to the neighbors lasted a little longer than planned, but that’s not an issue, as long as you have your smartphone with you. This new technology will let you check and change your oven settings via your phone. It’s simple to turn the oven down or off to prevent dinner from burning when you can’t quite make it to the kitchen in time.

The LG Smart Oven will talk with the LG Smart Refrigerator to determine recipe requirements and will automatically set the temperature to match whatever recipe you’ve chosen.

The LG Smart Oven is also smart enough to know when something is wrong and will call into the service center for help.

Smart Home of the Present

It may not be the smart home we were promised, but a smart kitchen has us well on our way. All of these smart appliances just make chores easier and they give you back valuable time you can spend with friends and family — or online gaming, whichever your heart desires.

If you are interested in the LG Smart Appliances then check out their press release to see what else may be coming in the future.