Learning a Lot From Mobile Phones Reviews

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Can you believe the mobile phones reviews from the companies that make the phones? What about magazines or blogs that get free equipment to review? How can either of them be perfectly objective and not “thank” the supplier by writing a more favorable review than the product really deserves? You could spend hours on end reading and comparing reviews, or you could check out the reviews below.

Nobody has given me a free phone to review. I’ve gone through a number of websites and extracted all the pertinent information that you need in order to make an informed buying decision.

Top Three Mobile Phones Reviews

Apple’s iPhone 5: More Hype Than Delivery?

iPhone 5 - Mobile Phones Reviews
Apple iPhone 5. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Images by Servaboss

Mobile phones reviews for the iPhone 5 are mixed. It’s a nice looking phone. It has great graphics and it makes an excellent media player. But is that enough to put it at the top of your mobile-phone-buying short list? Probably not.

In the past, most network and IT security people worried about the iPhone. It just wasn’t secure enough of a platform for them to take the risk of allowing them on their networks. It didn’t really take much know-how or effort to hack them and wreak havoc with the data they had stored on them. And then there were the apps coming from a hodge-podge of vendors that nobody really vetted before sticking their apps up for sale in the iTunes store.

However, Apple has addressed these serious security deficiencies with this iteration of the iPhone. Most reviewers are saying that it now ranks in the top two or three, as far as security is concerned. Apple introduced hardware encryption with the newest operating system, iOS6. And they’ve started vetting vendors in the app store. Making it more enticing, Apple included the uber-fast A6 processor, making apps run oh-so much faster than before. And the 4G LTE brings it up to speed when data transfers are afoot.

However, the phone has a smaller screen than many of its competitors. And there’s still no near-field communications capability with the iPhone 5, something Apple’s competitors have had for at least two years now. And then there’s the fact that Apple saw fit to change the docking connector. If, like most iPhone owners, you’ve got a bag full of adapters, iStereos, etc., if you buy the iPhone 5, they’ll all become useless, because the connectors won’t fit. Apple’s vaunted Apple Maps is also still having severe growing pains.

The iPhone comes in both GSM and CDMA models, meaning that it’ll work with most carriers in the US (both CDMA and GSM), as well as around the world (GSM-only). However, Apple saw fit to include the micro-SIM card, instead of the SIM card we’re all used to, and this little baby may not be available everywhere yet.

Samsung Galaxy SIII(S3): Android-enabled and Feature-Rich

Samsung Galaxy S III - Mobile Phones Reviews
Samsung Galaxy SIII. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Images by Stereopoly

Samsung had some problems with Apple over the S3, but they’ve still been able to release it in every major market, and owners and mobile phones reviews are giving it fairly glowing reports. The bigger screen makes streaming video and image viewing more enjoyable. Thinner and more stylish than its competition, the S3 seems to be taking the world by storm. Much of this might be due to the fact that it IS NFC-enabled, meaning you can transfer video, song lists, songs, and images just by touching it to another NFC-enabled phone.

However, the screen is about half an inch larger than the iPhone’s screen. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re trying to watch a sporting event or movie, it makes a big difference. If you lay out the money for the GSM version, you’ll be able to quickly and easily take the Galaxy S3 anywhere in the world with you. And, the 4G LTE is going to give you blazingly fast data transfers.

Network security people are showing a little worry when it comes to the Android platform these days. According to a number of reports, more “bad guys” are targeting the Android operating system with malware and viruses than ever before. So, if you’re not very security conscious, you could end up the victim of this malware.

BlackBerry Torch: Less Apps with Increased Security

Blackberry Torch - Mobile Phones Reviews
Blackberry Torch. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Images by Romazur

BlackBerry’s line of mobile phones is the only one that all network security professionals are singing the praise of. There’s not many people targeting their OS for malware and other attacks. They’re all uber-fast, and there’s a security console that BlackBerry makes available to network specialists to monitor activities in real time.

All of the newest models are available in both GSM and CDMA versions, meaning no matter who your carrier is, you’ll find a model that you can use. The Torch line has a smaller screen than its competitors, though. One of the best things that most mobile phones reviews have to say about the BlackBerry Torch is that the battery life is phenomenal. How about up to 50 hours of music playback and almost seven hours of video? Nothing else even comes close.