Time Warner Cable History Teaches A Lot

Time Warner Cable Family

Time Warner Cable, which is also referred to by many as TWC, is an American cable telecommunications corporation with its operations spread over 28 states, with its attendant operating divisions amounting to 31. It has its headquarters at Time Warner Center situated in Midtown Manhattan, in the city of New York. The company has corporate offices in Charlotte, N.C., Stamford, Conn., and Herndon, Va., too.

History Lesson

Time Warner Cable was originally under the control of Time Warner, a film, TV production and cable channel conglomerate. In March of 2009, the cable operations were separated from this parent company as part of a major restructuring effort. After this, it became a wholly independent entity, with the sole aim of continuing the use of Time Warner as well as the high speed Road Runner online brands on license from the parent company. Time Warner Cable owns many sports and local news channels, although it does not have any kind of corporate affiliation with American cable channels, like HBO or CNN, as these still remain under the control of the parent Time Warner, Inc.

It was in 1989, that Time Warner Cable was founded by merging the cable television division of Time, Inc., Warner Cable of Warner Communications and American Television & Communications Corporation. The newly formed company also consists of what is left of the redundant QUBE interactive TV service. In 1995, TWC introduced the Southern Tier On-Line Community, which is in fact a cable modem service and presently known as Road Runner High Speed Online. Before long, Warner acquired Paragon Cable too.

The stated aim of this communications giant is the connecting of people, as well as businesses, with entertainment and information as also each other. As part of this endeavor, the company strives to bring its subscribers the latest in innovations such as HD television with enhanced features, digital telephony and high speed data services. Now, let’s look into each one of the cable services Time Warner Cable provides in some detail.

Time Warner CableTop-Shelf Cable TV

Time Warner Cable TV offers fine quality streaming TV right onto the palm of one’s hand. The application that comes free with a TV subscription lets you watch your preferred shows from a computer or smart phone, in a user friendly format. Whether you have a computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device, live TV with 250 vibrant channels is only a flick of the finger away.

The number of channels is not limited to 250, as it keeps growing from time to time. By using the “Search” feature, you can preview all TV listings, so that your choice shows can be tuned to easily and quickly. Time Warner Cable TV allows you to program a smartphone, tablet or DVR, even if you are away from home. As it is, with any DVR manager of a computer, as well as a set-top box, it is possible to schedule, view and cancel upcoming recordings or even switch the recording options so that it is impossible to miss one’s favorite show or movie.

Time Warner Cable Internet

Time Warner Cable also features the Ultimate Internet that can attain download speeds of a whopping 50 Mbps. With such high speeds, it is possible to stream DVD quality videos, play online games as if you are playing from a console, download mammoth files at super-speeds and breeze through multiple tasking. And the massive bandwidth allows enough room for all to go around, as if there are separate super-fast connections for all to share at home.

Digital Home Phone

Using Time Warner Cable’s Home Phone service, calls can be made to anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada. All calling features, like Call Waiting and Caller ID, are available, too. Voicemails can be forwarded to the email box, so that no important calls are missed when you are at large.

To cap it all, to enjoy all these features Time Warner Cable has Home Phone packages that are bundled with Cable TV. Thus, you can see the Caller ID of a person calling you, on the TV screen itself. Call screening facility is also available with the bundle. And if you are wise enough to bundle the Cable TV, Internet service and Home Phone together, you are in for the biggest savings of your life, on every service that only Time Warner Cable can provide.

Installing this is simplicity itself. It is not necessary to dig up your yard or drill holes in any of your walls. To put it briefly, all the three facilities that the company offers, work through the existing cable line.