KeyMe App Saves You Money and Time

KeyMe App

Losing any of your keys can be a frustrating and expensive process. The new KeyMe app for iOS can give you some peace of mind and save you money when you suddenly can’t find your keys.

Our lives revolve around keys. We have the basic keys for the front door of our house and to our car. Then there are the other keys — the ones we use at work, the ones for the shed, and keys for our safe deposit box.

It’s hard enough to keep track of the basic keys you use every day, but what about the extras that you put away until you need them? Cabins, jet skis, gun lockers, storage lockers, riding lawnmowers — the more things you have, the more keys you have to keep track of. Do you even remember where you put the key for Aunt Judy’s china cabinet?

KeyMe App Saves the Day

If you have ever locked yourself out of your home you know how frustrating (and expensive) it can be. Locksmiths can cost upwards of $100 and they could take hours to get to you. When you first lose your keys you start to panic, as you desperately scramble to find them and review every place you might have left them. And finally, you call the locksmith so they can let you in and create new keys. Then, when it’s all done, you can be out lots of money and hours of your time.

The KeyMe app is free and easy to use. It stores secure images of your key in a cloud server. When you lose your key you no longer need to panic. This app gives you everything you need to make a duplicate in a few short minutes. You can simply take the image of your key, with instructions, to your local locksmith and have a key made. It’s as simple as that. If you aren’t in a big hurry you can even use the app’s mail-order service, but that will take a few weeks.

Simple to Use

The process of storing a key, in the cloud, is simple. You need to take a picture of both sides of your key using the camera on your phone. The key must be off your key ring and set on a plain white piece of paper. The KeyMe app then scans the key and stores an image of it for later retrieval. When you need a new key you simply print out the information and take it to a local locksmith. Cutting a duplicate key will typically cost about $10, which is far less than having a locksmith come out to unlock your door. If you choose to use the mail service, key copies start at a little under $4.

Secure Key Storage

Some people may be a little apprehensive storing their keys in the cloud, but security is an essential part of the KeyMe app. Part of their security measures are their photo requirements. This is why you have to get an image of both sides of the key, removed from a ring, on a white background. This requirement will make it more difficult for someone to snap a quick picture of your key and make a copy. Also, the KeyMe database does not store any of your personal information with the images of your keys. There is no home address associated with the picture files, making it nearly impossible for someone to get the image of your key and match it with your home address.

Using the KeyMe app is far more secure than leaving your key under the mat, in a flowerpot or with a neighbor. Having a spare key outside is a great idea, until someone finds it. The odds are pretty high that if you find a key under a doormat or in a planter, it’s going to belong to the house they were found at. With the key storage app there is no way for someone to “accidentally” find your key and immediately know where it goes.

The beauty of this application is that you have complete control over it. You can even use the app to send your key to someone else. If you have friends or family coming over, but you can’t get away from work, you can easily send them a copy of your key and they can get a key made. This feature also works if you have a new roommate moving in. After all you don’t want to be obvious and leave a key under the flowerpot where anyone can find it.

The KeyMe app is a safe and convenient way to store all of your keys in one place. This may not be an app that you use on a daily basis, but in a time of need, it can be a life saver.

Photo Credit: Jillian Anne Photography