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Cable TV Industry News - HBO and Amazon

From time to time, we like to let you know about different items in the Cable TV industry news that might affect your TV, High Speed Internet or Home Phone services. We know that all of these things make a big difference in how much you enjoy your digital services, and your connected life in general.

Cable TV Industry News to Know

These news items are culled from several different news sites, and in most cases, we’ve linked to them for more information.

Amazon, HBO Come Together

Did you miss some of the best HBO series over the past 20 years? Series like “The Sopranos,” “Deadwood,” “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire”? What about some of the current shows on HBO, like “Veep” and “Girls”?

Starting May 21, some HBO series will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Instant Video, as “the exclusive online-only subscription home.”

That means streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus got shut out of the deal, and it definitely ramps up the value of having a subscription to Amazon Prime. (Prices are expected to rise for a one-year deal, so bonuses like having HBO series makes it sting a little less.)

This also means that people that buy the new Amazon Fire TV will get the HBO Go app, with cool features like unified voice search. You’ll be able to search for your HBO shows by talking to your Amazon Fire TV!

Netflix, Verizon Make a Deal

Netflix, the streaming movie and TV show giant, has made a deal with Verizon to make sure their customers get faster access on Verizon’s broadband networks. Netflix will pay an undisclosed amount to keep that streaming experience a happy one.

It’s rather strange that this deal went down, when you consider Netflix wasn’t real happy to make a deal with Comcast to ensure fast speeds for their customers with that provider.

Get ready to hear more deals like this in the coming months as Cable TV providers that also allow broadband services try to get more money from streaming services that are stealing customers.

Internet TV Service Provided by Dish Network? reports that Dish Network could launch an Internet TV service later this summer. Dish is currently the second-largest Satellite TV company in the United States, and they’ve already made deals with companies like Walt Disney Co., which means networks (and suites of networks) like ABC, ESPN and the Disney Channels will be available through the Internet. Other companies, like A&E, Lifetime and Turner Broadcasting (which includes CNN, TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network) are also in discussions with Dish.

There’s no doubt — it’s not going to be too long before all of your channels are coming to your house through the Internet, and your TV will soon be one huge monitor for your browsing pleasure. What this deal shows is — you’ll still end up paying most of the same Cable TV and Satellite TV providers you were before, since they’ll own most of the ISPs.

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