Kansas Cable TV Options Aplenty

Kansas Cable TV

When thinking of Kansas Cable TV, most people think of three or four major players and nothing else. This is mostly because they are unaware that they have options that don’t include these three or four big name companies. That’s a shame because the smaller companies tend to have better customer satisfaction and offer similar packages, often for less.

Beyond the Big Names for Cable TV Options in Kansas

The “Big Names” are the companies that you most likely already know about. They include Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast/XFINITY. Charter Communications is a fairly large company that isn’t very well-known, but has high approval ratings from most of those that do know of them. All four of these companies offer a variety of Cable TV programming packages that fit a variety of budgets and needs.

Check Out Charter Communications

One of the things that Charter Communications customers like the most is the variety of packages and pricing that is available. As an example, they offer a three service bundle package with TV, Internet, and Phone for an incredibly low price. For those interested only in TV, they offer three basic packages, Select, Silver, and Gold.

  • Their Triple Play Select package offers more than 125 channels, many in HD.
  • TV Silver adds another 50-plus channels like NFL Redzone
  • Triple Play Gold bumps the total number of channels to over 200.

If you’re in a contract with an early termination fee, Charter also sometimes runs offers to pay those fees up to a certain amount.

Columbus Telephone Company

Columbus Telephone Company offers several no frills TV packages to customers in their service areas. Don’t watch much TV except local programming? Their Essential package offers 13 analog channels for less than $25. If you’re a heavy TV watcher, you might like their The Works package that offers almost 200 channels, 34 of which are premium movie channels for less than $120. Their services offerings page reads like a menu and is extremely easy to understand.

Nex-Tech Services Rural Areas in Kansas

There are times where the major companies won’t offer services to small rural areas that are far from larger population centers. It’s times like these when you can be grateful for the smaller companies that specialize in providing Cable TV services to these neglected areas. Nex-Tech is one of these companies. In most communities that they service in rural Kansas, services are delivered by fiber to the home (FTTH). Nex-Tech Cable TV packages are dependent on where you live, so check them out.