It’s Juan-uary for Fans of ‘The Bachelor’

Juan-Pablo - The Bachelor - Juan-uary

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the start of Juan-uary! The 18th season of “The Bachelor” launches with a two-night premier on ABC Sunday, January 5.

The new Bachelor season, like all Bachelor seasons, will have a roomful of eager young women fighting for a rose (and the spotlight), as they try to win the Bachelor’s heart.

Only this new Bachelor season will be different …

What Makes ‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 a Must-Watch?

If you weren’t one of the women who watched every second of Season 17, hoping that Juan Pablo would be the final pick, you’ve got some catching up to do. Let go by the last Bachelorette, Desiree after their journey to Barcelona, Juan was immediately pursued as the next Bachelor candidate.

He’s sleek, toned, Latin American and comes complete with a seductive accent, which, along with his gentle side and fatherly nature, makes him a catch. With 27 women competing for Juan’s attention and having to prove their maturity as potential mothers to Juan’s daughter, Camila (something the woman of the Bachelor aren’t typically very good at), Season 18 promises to be as entertaining as it is heartwarming.

Why Has January Been Renamed Juan-uary in His Honor?

Juan Pablo was born in Ithaca, New York, 32 years ago. He was raised in Venezuela, where he found his passion for the great game of soccer. After returning to the U.S. to attend college, he realized his dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

However, a new passion was born on Valentine’s Day, 2009, when his girlfriend at the time gave birth to their daughter, Camila. Sadly, the couple realized that they weren’t meant to be together long-term. But, being the honorable person he is, Juan gave up his own dreams of a soccer career to become a committed father. He now enjoys sports and entertainment consulting, while raising his daughter and looking for love. The question is — will he find it? We’ll see this Juan-uary!

What if I miss an episode?

Stress not, thanks to On Demand programming from just about every service provider, you can enjoy past episodes the day after they air.

Have Comcast Cable TV service?

Have AT&T digital service?

Have DISH Network Satellite TV service?

If all else fails you can always watch past episodes online at

Other Bachelor Things You Should Know

If you enjoy the show’s suspense and want to actually watch it before you know what is going to happen each week, avoid the Bachelor page on Facebook at all costs. People somehow get insider information and then feel the need to ruin the surprise for everyone else.

The other site you should avoid is Although he has been wrong a couple of times in the past, he claims to have an inside contact on the production crew and gets the nitty-gritty on what goes down each week. Don’t visit Reality Steve unless you can’t wait a second longer to find out who wins Juan’s heart.

Lastly, if you think you’re good at playing cupid (or you indulge in the don’ts above!) there exists a number of entertainment betting platforms. It’s like Fantasy Football, only you bet on love, not war.

Is Sunday here yet!?! Let Juan-uary begin!