Jabra Bluetooth: Something for Everyone

Jabra Bluetooth - Behind the Ear

Jabra Bluetooth earpieces are produced by Jabra, which was founded in 1993 and is a subsidiary of GN Netcom. Jabra specializes in developing, making, and selling both wired and wireless headsets. Like many headset manufacturers, Jabra’s technology is always changing, growing, and adapting, keeping them highly ranked in many top-rated Bluetooth headset lists.

What Does Jabra Offer?

Jabra Bluetooth offers a range of both consumer and professional earpieces. On the professional end of things, Jabra produces headsets designed mostly for corporate bigwigs, or anyone who anticipates needing a full spectrum of features and support. For instance, the Jabra Supreme offers high-end noise cancellation, the ability to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, PC connectivity in order to make Internet phone calls, music streaming, and voice control and voice guidance for a completely hands free experience.

On the consumer side, Jabra Bluetooth has more affordable options for the everyday user. Fun products like the Jabra Sport are waterproof, comfortable, and designed to stay on even while exercising. Jabra will even give you a few extra gel ear bud covers, so you can find which ones will give you the most comfortable fit.

Even if you aren’t looking for headsets, Jabra offers such products as the Revo Wireless, a set of noise-cancelling headphones to connect wirelessly to your music player, stereo, or television set. Better still, the headphones have a “turntable” touch control right on the side of the headphones which enables you to play, pause, skip, and control volume without a remote control or having to return to the source of your music.

Jabra has also released their Freeway Bluetooth Speaker, which impressed consumers with its light, thin design and yet the impressive audio quality and dual microphones to aid in noise cancellation. Additionally, it carries a motion sensor to turn the speaker on when you hop in the car.

Jabra Bluetooth Wireless Headset
Photo Credit: Vernon Chan

How Much Do Jabra Bluetooth Products Cost?

Like any smart company, Jabra attempts to keep a wide spectrum of prices in order to reach a large audience. Some products, such as the Jabra EXTREME, run as low as $24.99, where higher end items like the Jabra Revo Wireless are closer to $200.

Obviously, more expensive products will have more features, probably last longer, and likely be more comfortable. But it all depends on what you’ll be using yours for. Obviously, if you’re primarily looking to stream music, purchasing a professional headset designed to handle Internet calls and simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity is likely not necessary for you.

In fact, if you’re new to Bluetooth devices, or just want something quick and simple, Jabra has a $39.99 EASYGO headset designed just for “beginners.” But even though it’s intended for this purpose, reviews say it’s still a hardy, excellent earpiece that has voice-activated features, a long battery life, and a comfortable fit. While some might graduate to a more elaborate device later on, those who stick with the EASYGO are sure to stay satisfied with its features.

If you have absolutely no idea what kind of Bluetooth device you want, the Jabra website is pretty good at trying to find out. Such as if you primarily need something for an office call center, are into sports, want something for in the car on the go, or music streaming, it will help you figure out what’s best for you. You can also tell the website the type of design you want, such as a headset that covers only one ear, or both ears. Lastly, they have a handy tool that enables you to select multiple products and compare them with one another.

What are People Saying About Them?

The good news is that even with the lower-priced designs, Jabra has a pretty consistent 3.5- to 4.0-star rating on CNET. Although they aren’t beating out huge names like Jawbone, it’s obvious Jabra is doing something right. People cite enjoying the comfortable designs, strong Bluetooth signal, array of features, and lightweight portability of Jabra Bluetooth products. When Technology Guide reviewed one of Jabra’s earpieces, they said even after prolonged wear, the earpiece didn’t grow uncomfortable and was extremely lightweight.

Depending on the product, of course, consumers are getting a solid seven hours of talk time on averageĀ on their Bluetooth phone headsets, which isn’t bad when you consider it only takes between one and two hours to fully charge it. Easy enough to leave it plugged in overnight, and unless you’re on some massively long calls during the day, your earpiece should last the full day while you’re out and about before needing to be charged again. Plus, with the USB charger, it wouldn’t be too difficult to pop it into someone’s computer to charge while on the go.

Photo Credit: Michele Ficara Manganelli