ISP Customer Satisfaction Rankings: Sometimes Bigger isn’t Better

ISP Customer Satisfaction

A lot of people worry about choosing a new ISP, mostly because customer satisfaction doesn’t always happen in this industry. For some people, setting up a new connection can be intimidating, and scheduling someone that can set it up for you can be downright frustrating, let alone expensive.

Despite all the headaches it gives us, we still want our Internet, but we just don’t want the hassle that comes with it. Which means that when we choose our new provider, we want one that is good. We don’t want to get frustrated by the service or the people associated with it, and we definitely don’t want to switch in six months because we are not satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction for Internet Service Providers

For the last several years, JD Powers has ranked ISPs by Customer Satisfaction. The companies listed below are the top ranked ISPs in their region, per the report . Choosing a local ISP to ensure that you get both good Internet and customer service should be a lot easier now.

East Region

Compared to its competitors on the eastern side of the United States, Verizon is head and shoulders above the competition. It was ranked by J.D. Power as having the best customer satisfaction ratings of any of the Internet service providers in its region.

It is followed, distantly, by Optimum Online, AT&T, Cox Communication and XFINITY (Comcast’s eastern brand name). Trailing far behind were Time Warner Cable and Frontier Communications.

South Region

The competition is a little thicker here, but Verizon is also the front runner here. AT&T is just behind them in terms of customer rankings, with Bright House Networks following in third place.

The middle of the pack for customer satisfaction was Suddenlink and Cox Communications, with Comcast, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Windstream and Centurylink all lagging behind.

North Central Region

This region has a new player at the head of the pack, WOW!, which stands for WideOpen West has the best ranking and is followed closely by AT&T. Comcast XFINITY comes in at the middle of the pack with Cincinnati Bell.

It is a shame that WideOpen West seems to only be available in the North Central region, it would be nice to see a smaller company give the big dogs a run for their money.

West Region

Out west it seems that Verizon stands way above any of its competition for customer satisfaction rankings. Once again, Time Warner Cable and Charter come in closer to the bottom of the list, with AT&T and Cox Communications well above them in the rankings.

Verizon for the Win

It seems overall that Verizon is the way to go in order to get good, hassle-free Internet service. The fact that WOW! ranked so high might also mean that it is a good time to check out some of the little players in your area, they might have more to offer than you realize.

I won’t say that this is 100 percent conclusive because there are definitely providers that aren’t listed and each individual’s experience with their providers is going to be different.

You will also find that certain providers aren’t even available in your area. I am in the North Central Region, but I don’t have access to WOW!.

Out of what I have access to, I find Mediacom has the best customer satisfaction and Internet speeds. I previously had AT&T as my Internet provider, and I frequently had issues with service. For me, Mediacom has been a vast improvement and they don’t even make the ranks for the Central North.

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Photo Credit: Amorphes Ding