iOS 8 Rumors Abound


There are plenty of iOS 8 rumors circulating about the next Apple mobile operating system in the tech press. There have been leaks of what is said to be the new operating system running on an iPhone 5S. We’ve heard about some interesting new possible features. Some of these new features, if what we’re hearing is correct, will allow the iPad to do things that others have been doing awhile now, bringing them a level of equality with these other devices and operating systems.

iOS 8 Will Make the iPad More “Computer-Like”

Most likely, you’re pretty familiar and comfortable working with more than one application at a time on your computer. For instance, you may have a spreadsheet and a Word document open at the same time, using the data in the spreadsheet to write a report. This is called split screen and it’s how I do most of my work. On weekends I’ll have a Word document open for my writing and a streaming window open while I watch NASCAR. Rumor has it that this feature will make its debut for iPad users in iOS 8 when it’d released. This is according to “sources involved with or knowledgeable about the development of the operating system.”

Will Apple Allow Apps to Share Information?

Going hand in hand with the split-screen feature, Apple may also add a feature that other operating systems don’t have: the ability for side-by-side apps to share information. One of the features that are being talked about is giving users the ability to drag and drop or copy and paste between apps that are open side by side. See a piece of information in that spreadsheet that needs to be in the report word for word? Hopefully, you’ll be able to simply drag that data point and drop it directly into the report.

iOS 8 Will See New Native Apps

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I remember upgrading my iPod Touches (I’ve had a few) several times and seeing several new apps. One of the things we’ve been hearing about in what I call the “Apple rumor forums,” include a Healthbook app which will help you track your exercise patterns and calories burned, as well as some esoteric health metrics like blood sugar, nutrition information, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. This will go hand in hand with the M7 motion co-processor that is already in the iPhone 5S.

Rumor also has it that Apple will finally make iTunes Radio a standalone app separate from iTunes Music. It’s probably also going to get HD quality audio, as well. Another new (well, not new as much as fixed) will be the new Apple Maps. New features here will include things that Google Maps has been doing pretty well for some time now, such as giving you directions using public transport like buses and subways. There’s also hope that it will at least have the accuracy of Google Maps.

I’ve heard opinions of Siri that run from “I love her!” to “Why won’t she just go away?” Apple has apparently been listening and will upgrade Siri. Some of what’s being rumored is that you’ll be able to ask Siri what’s currently playing on Shazam without having the app open. Supposedly, she’ll also be able to share information with other installed apps. For example, you might soon be able to tell her to schedule an appointment for you and send a text message to someone.

OSX users will recognize TextEdit and Preview. However, unlike on the Mac, which allows you to view and edit text files, images, and PDF files, the iOS versions will only allow you to review these types of documents and they’ll most likely need to be stored in iCloud.

Will We See Interoperability with Wearables?

There have been rumors that Apple is working on a iWatch. Of course, these rumors wouldn’t be complete without rumors of an iWatch app built into the new iOS 8. Some of the rumor mill sites even have images of what they purport to be the new operating system running on an iPhone 5S showing the app’s icon.

More iOS 8 Rumors: A “Super-iPad Soon?

Some of Apple’s competitors have had larger tablets available for a couple years, but Apple seems to have been fighting this trend. However, if they deliver on the rumor of the split screen capability, they will most likely deliver on another rumor that’s been running around. This is that there’s a 13-inch iPad under development.

Will we see these things this year? Will these iOS 8 rumors come true during Apple’s Worldwide Developed Conference to be held in San Francisco starting June 2?