Introducing the Kairos Smartwatch Band


Would you wear a smartwatch band? That’s a good question. I’ve liked the smartwatches I’ve seen from a functionality standpoint. Aesthetics are something else altogether. Most of the ones I’ve seen up close so far are clunky and too large to be comfortable for long term use. What’s needed is something that is more unobtrusive, something lighter. To be honest, what’s needed is something like the Kairos T-band.

The Smartwatch Will Be Ubiquitous Soon

Smartwatches are still pretty new, but they’re gaining in popularity. As prices go down and functionality is increased, smartwatches will become ever more popular. Everybody will feel that they need one, not that they want one. My problem is I’m picky with the looks and functions of the watches I wear. I don’t want something that looks out of place on my wrist just because it has the latest and greatest gee-whiz-bang gadgets and features. It’s got to look nice and feel comfortable on my wrist.

The Kairos T-Band Smartwatch Band Solves Many Problems

I like the watch I have now. It has unique features and capabilities that aren’t easily added to a smartwatch. However, I’d still like to have some of the features of a smartwatch. What I need is something that lets me keep my current watch yet gives me some of the more useful features of a smartwatch. That something is the Kairos T-Band smartwatch band.

The Kairos is a watchband without the watch. I can remove the band from my current watch and, using included adapters, attach my watch to the watchband. Voila! I have a smartwatch and I still have my favorite watch. The best of both worlds. One other problem the Kairos T-Band solves is compatibility. Instead of being just for Android phones (or certain Android phones), Apple phones, or those running Windows Phone, Kairos says their watch will connect to any phone with Bluetooth capability. Any phone, old or new.

The Kairos T-Band Gives You Three Options

Not everyone wants or needs a full-color display on their watch. Kairos realized this and gave customers two main options-with or without a display screen. Kairos has made two screen types available, a hidden display LED display and a hidden display using Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

The Kairos T-Band ND Smartwatch Band

This is billed as the “ultimate business man’s watch or watch band.” You’ll get basic multi-colored LED and vibration alerts to calendar items and incoming calls and messages. Built in sensors include a nine axis gyro, accelerometer, compass, skin temp, and more.

The T-Band HD Hidden Display Smartwatch Band

The Kairos T-Band HD is the smartwatch band for those that want more information than multi-colored LEDs can convey. The T-Band HD adds an LED display that relays step count, heart rate, skin temp, and others, depending on the app being used. When there are no notifications being sent, the Kairos HD looks exactly like the Kairos ND, making your smartwatch band incognito.

Take a Look at the Kairos T-Band OD with OLED Display

This is the all-out baby. Instead of a basic digital text display, the Kairos T-Band OD incorporates a full color display. Push notifications on this display are animated and in full color. Incoming call and text message notifications can come with your contact’s profile picture. The T-Band OD also comes with a high-quality microphone which can be used with speech to text apps to allow you to vocalize your text messages.

Don’t Have a Watch You Fancy Enough for a Kairos T-Band?

Ok, what about those of you out there that don’t have a watch they’re especially connected to, a watch they really want to keep? Kairos heard you and developed a watch that fits perfectly with the T-Band.

Kairos has produced two absolutely beautiful watch movements that can be attached to the Kairos T-Band. The MSW-115 is an analog watch with a mechanical movement made to exacting standards in Japan. Bowing to the fact that the Swiss are the world’s leaders in making beautiful and accurate watches, there is also the MSW-158 series.

The watch with the Japanese movement (from the Citizen Group) has a more classical, professional look, while the watch with the Swiss movement has a sportier more aggressive look. Both watches are tested to 30 feet of water depth. Prices range from about $130 for just the basic T-Band to just over $1100 for the T-Band OD with MSW-158 Swiss movement watch.