Introducing Lyric Home Security from Honeywell


Lyric Home Security from Honeywell will hit them market soon near you, if it hasn’t already. Honeywell is a well-known company that makes a variety of things you may or may not be familiar with. For instance, they produced one of the first thermostats for controlling your home’s heating and cooling system. In fact, as far as consumer products go, thermostats have been pretty much their sole product, with most other things being military-oriented. However, with the rise of home automation and security products, they’ve branched out and introduced Lyric, a very good security and automation product.

Shades of “I Love Lucy” With Lyric Home Security

Ask almost anyone familiar with the classic “I Love Lucy Show” what they remember most about the show and many will say they remember every time Ricky came home from the club: “Lucy! I’m home!” This gave Honeywell’s engineers an idea: What if you could have your home automation and security system do a certain set of things just by announcing you’re home?

“Hello Lyric. I’m home.” Imagine that. With those four simple words your front door unlocks, the alarm allows that door to open without alarming, lights come on, and the AC or heater kicks on. Sure, we’ve got systems already that have a little voice-control, but most still make you use either a keypad or your mobile device. This can be difficult to say the least if your hands are full. Just say it: “Hello Lyric. I’m home!” and walk in the door.

What Kind of “Stuff” Will Lyric Control and Monitor?

Well, obviously, thermostats, especially Honeywell ones, will be integrated with the system. That’s pretty much a given. However, at CES 2015 back in January, they let the world know what other types of devices the system will be able to integrate and control. These include cameras, smoke sensors, motion sensors, and more on the security side. On the home automation side, the system will start out by exercising control over window shades, lights, and locks. We’re also being told that later in 2015 we will see a Lyric Light Bulb that fully integrates with the system.

Control of the system has three options. The aforementioned voice control is the first. There’s also a mobile device app for both iOS and Android (Where’s my Windows Phone app?!?). There’s also going to be a touchscreen control center. The combination of automation and security functionality means that the scene described above could be quite possible, once you program the proper reactions to the actions.

Not Many Specifics Other Than These Were Announced

So far, other than what’s mentioned above, Honeywell is playing this system pretty close to the vest. There has been no mention of pricing yet. There also hasn’t been any information regarding when we can expect to be able to go out and buy a Lyric Home Security system yet. One thing that surprises me is that there is no current information as to what third party products it will integrate with. The only thing that they did mention is that it will require professional installation. Unfortunately, not everything will be available at the same time. Honeywell has stated that the devices that will integrate with their Lyric Home Security and Automation System will be released over the course of the year. We do know that the first device is going to be the thermostat.

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat Introduced in 2014

The thermostat that will ship with the Lyric Home Security system is a revision of the Lyric Thermostat that was introduced in 2014 and has an average retail price of about $280. However, the new on will have voice control which Is something that was left off the older model.

The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat uses a technology called geofencing to know where you are and switch thermostat modes accordingly. This means that as you leave the house, the t-stat is placed in Away mode, and when you get within a certain range, it switches back to Home mode.
Lyric Home Security

Another cool feature of the Lyric Thermostat is a proximity sensor. The thermostat is equipped with a backlight so you can see it all lighting conditions. Normally, the backlight is turned off to save energy. It only turns on when a homeowner approaches the t-stat. There’s no word if that means you need your mobile device with the app installed, or if it has a motion detector.

What’s really cool is that there’s also a “halo” of illumination that’s colored to signify at a glance what mode the thermostat is in-Blue for cooling, orange for heating, and green for the energy-saving Away mode, when the t-stat is making a temperature adjustment. You can also review a 12-hour weather forecast on the thermostat.