International Flavor: TV on Android App

International - TV on Android Apps

There’s a TV on Android app for everyone. I mean literally, for everyone. Every major US TV network and Satellite and Cable TV provider has apps out that lets users watch TV on their Android device. I’ve already talked about those. However, they aren’t the only ones. There are also many Android apps out that let you watch TV from your home country, almost no matter where that is. These are the ones I want to talk about now. All the listed apps work on Android 2.2 and above.

Watch TV

Watch TV is a TV on Android app that’s not from a specific Satellite or Cable provider or any single network. The app connects you to an online database of free streaming TV channels from around the world. This means that no matter where you are from around the world, you’re sure to find a taste of home with this app. They currently have over 100 TV channels in the database and they’re adding more constantly. You will need to have the Android Flash Player installed to watch the video.

TV Store +TDT+ Digital

TV Store+TDT+Digital is another TV channel database app for Android users. It connects you to hundreds of channels from all over the world in a variety of genres, including sports, news, children’s programming, and even adult programming. Everything is uncut and live, according to the app description. Users will also have to have either the flash player or the Skyfire Browser installed to watch the video content.

World Streaming TV-News/WSTV-Italia/WSTV-España

World Streaming TV-News is the No. 1 Media and Video app for the Android market on Google Play. Users will have access to hundreds of live TV channels from more than 70 different countries around the world. The app lets you bookmark specific channels as well as create a list of your favorite channels. There’s also a chat feature that lets users discuss their favorite channels. The Flash Player is required.

WSTV-Italia and WSTV-España are companion apps for WSTV-News that gives users access to programming on hundreds of channels from more than 40 countries. Each of these apps has a definite preference to which nation they favor, however, which means that the programming offered is predominantly in one of the two languages.


Pandora.TV is primed for the Asian market. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll only be able to watch shows and movies that were produced in Asia. You can also watch American shows and movies with Asian subtitles. Most of the content is recorded and there is a selection of over 10 million video pieces that users can choose from. There is also support for discussing programming on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.


SPB TV provides a combination of live TV programming and On-Demand recorded content from around the world and it’s an Android Developer Challenge Media category winner. There are over 15 million users of the SPB TV around the world. The app has many advanced features such as a quick channel preview, intuitive and friendly interface, and an integrated TV Guide, plus a picture-in-picture mode. Onscreen controls make channel surfing quick and easy, and the bandwidth fluctuation support makes stream buffering almost a thing of the past.

TV Rain

TV Rain provides access to Russia’s favorite TV station, Rain TV. The online description is pretty limited, but the channel televises concerts, live news, discussions, and other cultural attractions. Most programming available on TV Rain is live.

n-tv Nachrichten

For our German-speaking readers that want a little touch of home wherever they may be, there is n-tv Nachrichten. The app provides the full range of network programming, news from Germany, sports, shows, and movies. News, sports, and most programming are live, with some of the movies being recorded. is Sweden’s most popular TV Guide. The app gives tablet users full access to all the features of the Guide, plus movies, sports, and TV shows chosen by the Guide’s editors. Apparently, phone users will only see TV listings for the upcoming week. There’s also a social media tie-in that allows users to discuss their favorites with Twitter and Facebook social feeds.

Viki-TV, Movies & Music

I had to include Viki for a couple of reasons. The main reason is the user interaction that goes on while users watch the programming that’s available through the app. The Viki user community translates the shows that are available into 150 different languages for other users. That means the hottest dramas from Korea, anime from Japan, cartoons from the good ol’ USA, and a plethora of other programming from Latin America, Bollywood, and even Africa, all translated into your desired language. Not all programming will be available in all areas, but this is one TV on Android app that’s truly gone global.

Photo credit: Poetprince