IntelligentHome Makes You Smarter

IntelligentHome Makes You Smarter

Time Warner Cable offers a new edge in smart home technology with their IntelligentHome system. The Time Warner Cable security system works to keep your home safe. IntelligentHome is a state-of-the-art security and monitoring system that lets you control several features inside your home.

With Time Warner Cable, your home is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This surveillance system is operated by a CSAA 5-diamond rated emergency response center and gives you instant access to emergency personnel. Each system comes equipped with cellular and battery backup, ensuring minimal, if any, down time during a power or phone outage.

IntelligentHome Installation

The TWC IntelligentHome system is easy to install and simple to use. You don’t even need a dedicated home phone because the system can work completely on cell phone technology. It is a wireless installation that requires no drilling or structural modification. This is a great feature for renters, as you don’t need to damage or change anything and your landlord will never have a clue.

If you have an existing security system, then IntelligentHome technology will allow you to upgrade your existing system by integrating the current components, giving you twice the system.

System Monitoring

No matter where in the world you are, whether you are traveling for work or vacation, it is easy to access the system from your smart phone or laptop. Their video monitoring system gives you remote monitoring functions letting you see what is happening around the yard and inside the house. The video recording system lets you review activities in your house, so you can see who was there and know what time your teenager came home. The video system can even be used to record special events, such as graduations and birthdays, from various aspects within your home.

And like all good security systems they also have door and window sensors, which will let you know when someone tries to open them. IntelligentHome even has a glass breaking detector in the event that someone smashes the glass instead of trying to pick a lock.
The cellular and battery backup means that your home and belongings are still secured — even when the power goes out.

Remote Access

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can turn the system on or off from anywhere. This innovative smart home feature even lets you remotely adjust your thermostat. This fantastic feature can save energy when you are not there or allow you to bring the house to a pleasant temperature before you arrive.

Control the lights by setting a timer or have them turn on as you need them to with the simple tap of a button. Staying out later than expected? Then use your cell phone to turn the porch light on. If an unexpected road trip has you staying away you can set the lights and the stereo system to come on at regular intervals to simulate you being home.

You can even connect your appliances to your remote monitoring. Appliance adapters lets you remotely turn the appliances off and on. Now you can have the coffee ready and the oven warmed by the time you get home.

Remote access to basic features is not only handy, but it also grants you a peace of mind. Knowing that you can see if you left something on alleviates the brief panic flare that many people experience wondering if they left something on. You don’t need to return home “just to check” — you can do it remotely. When working, vacationing, or running errands you have a sense of security.


IntelligentHome has a variety of available options such as a gas and carbon monoxide detector which will warn you about dangerous leaks. There is a flood water detector that can warn you when water starts to come into your basement or a pipe develops a leak.

Alert System

The customizable system lets you set up alerts and decide when and how you want to be contacted by your system and the security company. The system can alert you by text or email if an event is triggered in your home. You can then decide the course of action for the security company to take. If the security company does not get a reaction from you then they will call the local authorities to investigate.

If you, or a family member, are home during an emergency, quick buttons allow you to program in the numbers for fire, medical, or police and one push will call them to your rescue.

Time Warner Cable offers an IntelligentHome solution that will work for everyone. TWC wants to keep you and your home safe. Look at their available options to find the package that will work best for you and your family.