Insignia TV Remote Codes for Universal Remotes

Insignia TV Remote Codes

When would you ever need Insignia TV remote codes? Well, maybe you’re like me and have a significant other that likes to throw things — like your TV remote — when they get mad. Or maybe the original remote got lost.

Many Cable TV and Satellite TV remotes are programmable, allowing you to use a single remote for multiple devices, but even so, sometimes we still want our Insignia TV remote to control our TV. Here’s a little information about the Insignia product line. After that, I’ll go into how to find the codes for a variety of remotes.

What Exactly is Insignia?

Insignia is an electronics company that makes a variety of consumer electronics devices: televisions, home and portable audio, GPS and car audio, cameras, and Blu-ray and DVD players, to name just a few. Their lineup of televisions consists of LCD and LED models, all of which are HD compatible, and range from 19 inches to 65 inches. Their prices range from just over $100 to almost $1400.

How Can I Find Insignia TV Remote Codes?

There are a few different ways to find Insignia TV remote codes. The easiest way, if you’ve got a universal remote and kept the manual for it is to look in the back of the manual. However, who does that these days, especially when we have the Internet to provide us with the help we need?

Insignia TV Remote CodesThe next easiest way to find correct codes for your remote is to use Insignia’s remote code finder tool by remote brand. This tool allows you to find the correct codes by inputting the manufacturer or brand of your device into the tool. To illustrate this I told the tool that I have a remote from Comcast. The Insignia code finder tool gave me four codes to choose from.

Using the code finder tool above, you can also find Insignia TV remote codes by entering the model number of your TV in the tool. For this example I chose one of their newer 46-inch televisions. The result of this search was a full page listing of remotes from the major cable and satellite providers as well as the codes for several of the more popular brands of universal remote controls such as Phillips, Motorola, RCA, and Sony. It even listed the codes for the TiVo remote.

The model number is listed on the little plate next to or near where the power cord plugs in.

Finally, for those with an abundance of patience, you can play what I call the “code search button pushing game.” Exactly how this game is played differs from brand to brand and model to model, but it basically consists of telling your remote to enter into code search mode and then stepping through the list of internally stored codes until you hit the correct one by hitting the correct button on the remote. If you’re really lucky you’ll get the right one in a few seconds. If you’re like me, it can take more than an hour.

Remote Codes For Several Popular Models

Insignia makes far too many models for me to list every code for every model, but I will list the available codes for a few popular models.

Insignia 65-Inch Class LED-Model Number NS-65D260A13

  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096
  • Charter DIGITAL-Codes:136 or 0463
  • DirecTV RC23-Code:10463
  • Dish Network VIP622-Code:720
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, or 10463
  • RCA RCU807-Code:135
  • Phillips PMDVR8-Code:115
  • One for All URC-6690-Code:0464

Insignia 50-Inch Class LED- Model Number NS-50E440NA14

  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096
  • Dish Network VIP508-Code: 720
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, or 10463
  • Phillips PH5DSS- Code: 115
  • Rogers DCT3250-Codes: 0463 or 1326
  • TiVo HD-Code: 0091
  • Sony RM-VL600-Code: 8043
  • Shaw DCT3416-Codes: 0463 or 1326

Insignia 32-Inch LED DVD-TV Combo NS-32DD200NA14

  • Motorola DRC800-Code: 0463
  • Cox COX-Codes: 16 or 0463
  • Other brand remotes use the same as the models listed above

Insignia 24-Inch Class LCD Model Number NS-24L120A13

  • See the codes listed above

Insignia 19-Inch Class LCD Model Number NS-19LD120A13

  • See the codes listed above

If I didn’t list the Insignia model you have or the particular brand of remote that you own, Insignia also has a forum where they’ve listed codes that work for other brands of universal remotes such as those from General Electric, RadioShack, Samsung, and others. One thing I noticed while doing the research for this piece is that Insignia seems to be unlike most other TV makers in that no matter what TV model you have, the code is going to be the same for the same remote.