In Protest of Net Neutrality, Several Websites ‘Slow Down’ Wednesday


Several major websites, including Netflix, Twitter, Reddit and Vimeo, held a symbolic “slow down” Wednesday as a protest of the net neutrality proposal from Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.

This proposal would allow broadband providers to charge websites for prioritized access to consumers. In other words, Netflix can be charged more for fast-lane access by its subscribers, which means the costs would then be turned around to the consumer.

While the websites that were taking part in the protest weren’t literally slowing down, but they were posting a spinning icon that normally symbolizes a page still loading. The idea is that this is what users will see if the FCC gets it way with this plan.

There was also a link provided to the FCC about the proposal, where readers could comment and voice their displeasure. The time period to comment on the proposal ends next week.