iKlips Flash Drive Offers Convenient Drag & Drop Sharing


Fans of the iPhone, iPad and iPod will appreciate all the great features of the iKlips Flash Drive. The device received recognition for its innovative features and was the recipient of the Red Dot Award 2015 for product design. iKlips provides lightning fast transfers and sharing of photos, videos, songs and more with its sleek design and portable built-in carry clip.

iKlips Makes Sharing Files with Friends Easy

The portability and convenience of iKlips makes it a great choice when it comes to transferring and sharing files with others. There is no need to connect to the Web or use Cloud technology, which is a bonus considering that accessibility and Internet connections may not always be available. You can use iKlips to store and back up your documents and files, which can come in handy when the storage capacity on your devices is reaching its limit.

Moving and sharing files is as simple as using the Drag & Drop feature. It works in conjunction with the iOS app that you download for free onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Once you get set up, you are ready to go and can easily and quickly transfer documents, photos, songs, and videos between iOS and Windows-based systems (“iOS6.1 or above, Windows XP/7/8, Mac OSX”, iKlips, 2015)

Download, Share and Enjoy Favorite Photos, Videos, and Songs

You can download and store all your favorite photos, videos, and songs with iKlips using several supported file formats that include music and movie player as well as photo and document viewer options. You can enjoy 1080p High Definition (HD) movie streaming with instant playback. iKlips does not need a battery so you do not have to worry about recharging the device. Check out the storage capacities for each of the iKlips models:

  • Storage space capacity for the 16GB iKlips is 8,500 photos, 20 hours videos, and 4,000 songs.
  • Storage space capacity for the 32GB iKlips is 17,000 photos, 40 hours videos, and 8,000 songs.
  • Storage space capacity for the 64GB iKlips is 34,000 photos, 80 hours videos, and 16,000 songs.
  • Storage space capacity for the 128GB iKlips is 68,000 photos, 160 hours videos, and 32,000 songs.

Functional Features of iKlips

This sleek flash drive comes with a handy built-in carry clip. You can attach iKlips to most anything such as your shirt pocket or handbag for quick and easy access. iKlips uses a USB 3.0 dual-interface that makes it user friendly and compatible to use with iOS, Mac, and PC systems when sharing and transferring files.

Enhanced read and write speeds and a long life span can be credited to the device’s MLC flash memory. iKlips was designed to conserve power when in use and is Apple MFi-certified for iPhone, iPad, and iPod products. The universal iKlips iOS app can be downloaded for free directly onto your mobile devices.

Technical Specifications of iKlips

iKlips combines innovative technology with durability and reliability. The design incorporates a strong aluminum metal frame and anti-shock silicone connector caps that provide an extra layer of protection if accidentally dropped. The USB has an anti-dust rubber cover to keep the port area clean when not being used.

The dimensions of iKlips with the attached built-in carry clip are 66.5 mm x 22.2 mm x 11.35 mm. Available color options include silver, gold, gray, and red. Flash drive storage capacity options include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Read and write speeds are “lightning read/write speed: 14/8 MB/s;USB 3.0 read/write speed: 140/20 MB/s”. (iKlips, 2015)

iKlips Successfully Campaigned on Indiegogo

The innovative iKlips flash drive made its initial debut to the public through a funding campaign on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo on March 23, 2015. Having raised $167,138 at the time of this article, iKlips has successfully reached and surpassed its targeted funding goal of $50,000. After the campaign closes on April 22, 2015, the next steps will be mass production and manufacturing set to start in May. Check for further updates and availability of the product for purchase on Indiegogo or directly on the iKlips company website.