iChime Digital Doorbell Provides Personalized Sound Selections


If you are looking for a unique way to greet visitors aside from the standard sound that your traditional doorbell provides, then check out the iChime Digital Doorbell. You can choose from a wide variety of cool sounds that include holiday tunes as well as special occasion sounds and all-around favorites. Consumers can also record and save their own selections to provide a more personal touch.

How iChime Works

iChime was designed to be used in place of a standard wired door bell or chime. It is compatible for placement at your front door as well as for your back door and you can choose to have a unique sound play for each door. Mounting of the iChime Digital Doorbell is quick and simple using a 2-wire installation with the unit being placed either horizontally or vertically.

The volume control on iChime is adjustable and options include 4 levels of sound volume. You have the option of setting up the unit to draw its power from your home’s standard doorbell transformer or go the route of using 4 AA batteries for the power source. If you want a lighted doorbell, you will need to use the wired installation option via the transformer for a power source instead of the batteries.

The sound library includes the categories of Chimes, Holiday, Halloween, Favorites, Fun Sounds, and Special Occasions. Each of the individual categories has six or more sound selections from which to choose. Examples from the Favorites’ category include Dixie, Yankee Doodle, and Reveille. Some Fun Sounds examples include Jazzy Music, Rooster and Cow Moo. There are also several beautiful sound selections within the Chimes category including Westminster as well as St. Michaels, Arpeggio Bells, and more.

iChime Operation Features

In addition to the six groups of pre-selected songs that are built into the iChime Digital Doorbell, operation features include being able to record and save your own uniquely designed sounds within any one of the six sound library categories. Simply select the user mode and the record button when adding your own favorite doorbell sounds.

When you remove iChime from a wall to personally record and save your own selected sound, you will need to install batteries in the unit to keep it operational. The range of iChime will let you personally record and save a maximum of six personally selected sounds spread out to one sound within each of the separate six sound library categories.

When you record your own selections, you can use a CD, record live or use your MP3/MP4 player as the sound source. iChime will let you set the unit to play only one selected sound at a time or you can program the device to play several sounds within one of the sound library categories.

Product Ordering Options

When you are ready to purchase the iChime, several product options are available including a variety of accessories. Aside from the standard iChime unit, you can order auxiliary speakers to wire with the primary unit in order to be able to hear the doorbell’s sound within other rooms in your household. Since you are connecting the speakers to the main iChime unit, you will not need batteries for the auxiliary speakers.

For those consumers that would like to be able to hear their doorbell outdoors, iChime offers the optional extension speaker that is waterproof for placement on your front porch or for installation on your patio. If you currently do not have a doorbell, iChime sells a solid brass lighted doorbell button that comes with all the necessary hardware and mounting screws for set up and installation.

iChime also sells doorbell transformers, optional motion detectors, and magnetic switches for door entry in addition to all the necessary cables, wiring and batteries. iChime products all come with a solid one-year warranty and guarantee from the consumer’s date of placing the purchase. There is also a full 60-day refund policy minus the original shipping charges for consumers that are not satisfied with their product order purchase.