How to Watch Live Sports Without TV


You’ve saved money by eliminating your cable bill, and you’ve been enjoying the extra money. With all the available options you haven’t even missed any of your favorite shows. Unfortunately now that your favorite sport has started you are starting to wonder if you might have made a mistake.

Being able to watch live sports without TV can be difficult but it can be done.

General Solutions for all Your Favorite Sports

Local Broadcast

Start by picking up a good quality digital antenna. This will get you a good portion of the games aired on the local networks. The chart below will give you an idea of who is airing what.


NBA, NCAA Football, ESPN including Monday Night Football games of local teams


NFL, NCAA Football and Basketball, PGA




NFL, NHL, PGA, EPL, Olympics

Network Streaming: Another easy solution is to scope out the network pages for games. ABC, NBC, and CBS will stream some games. ESPN3 will also have several of the less popular games or sporting events. The big problem with the websites is that, depending on your area, they want you to log in using your cable subscriber. Certain areas can view the streams without hassle, others need a cable provider. Some, like CBS, have a live streaming subscription service that may or may not get you sports depending on your area.

Cellular Solutions: Check with your local cellular provider, some providers have access packages for ESPN or other sporting channels that you can stream over your digital device. It never hurts to ask.

Radio Broadcasts: It’s old school, but at least you know what is going on with the game. All you need to do is locate a local sports news station. Many of them also stream their audio feed, so if you can’t find a local station you are sure to find one online that will be airing it.


Cost: Pick your five favorite teams for about $150, or pay $50 more to see it all.

If Basketball is your game then you want to sign up for the NBA League pass. You can chose to watch your five favorite teams or to have access to all regular season games and game archives through your computer or mobile device.


Cost: $129.99

Baseball fans rejoice you have options to watch games. MLB.TV lets you purchase a streaming package. The problem is that you are still subject to local blackouts, but you would be getting that with a cable package anyhow.

College Football

Your best bet for these games are the broadcaster websites. ABC has most of the games while CBS only has a few of them, your local area may let them stream them online. NBC simulcasts all the Notre Dame home games and FOX airs a limited amount of games that you may pick up on antennae, but will never find online.


This is the hard one. You can catch most games on local stations, but odds are you will miss Monday night football. The NFL has no plans to create a live streaming package any time soon. If you are lucky enough to live in New York, Philadelphia, or San Francisco then Direct TV has a deal that might work for you. NFL Sunday Ticket lets you stream live games on your digital devices, but it is only applicable to certain areas where you can not get Direct TV.


Cost: $159

You probably won’t pick up much on antenna and the network stations won’t be airing many games so your best bet is NHL Gamecenter Live. You get all the games that are outside your market area. They won’t let you view local games, but if you are really lucky you might pick up some of these on your antenna.

If none of these options are letting you watch live sports without TV then you still have a few more things that will let you see your favorite game. Such as hanging out in the electronics department of the local store, moving onto your friends sofa, or hanging out in the local sports bar. The other option is to look at local cable deals and resubscribe to one of them.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison