How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones With Amazon Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV box has added Bluetooth Headphones in their latest update and its great new for everyone!

Amazon Fire TV is getting some good reviews, people like the voice search feature and interface. The fact that it also works for Netflix and Hulu is getting some rave reviews.

But, like most things that are fairly new on the market there are also things that people want to see improved one of those things was the ability to connect Blue tooth headphones. Usually to get your improvement you need to go buy the next model, but Amazon delivered as promised and provided a few useful features in the newest downloadable upgrade.

Bluetooth Headphone Enabled

The one feature that many people have been waiting for was on this upgrade, the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones. This means that you can now connect Bluetooth headphones for “Private Listening.” This means that your roommate can sleep in peace while you enjoy your favorite programs and you can do that while sitting across the room from the TV. The Roku 2 and Roku 3 have a headphone ability, but those are not Bluetooth capable, meaning that you need to constantly keep the remote nearby (because they plug in there) and you are stuck with the annoying cable that inevitably ends up tripping you when you get up. The Bluetooth enabled Amazon Fire Box lets you sit across the room, in comfort without annoying headphone cables that can trip you or someone else.

The Bluetooth enabling also means that you can use a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to improve the sound quality without investing in a new TV for home or having to suffer with the crappy sound on the hotel TV.

So far, the Bluetooth pairing is only available on the Amazon Fire TV Box and not the Fire Stick, but we can hope it is available in future upgrades.

Pairing the Amazon TV Fire Box With Your Bluetooth Headphones

Pairing the Bluetooth headphones or speakers to the Amazon Fire Box is quick and easy. In fact it’s similar to pairing them up with almost any other Bluetooth device, so once you figure out one unit, you pretty much have them all.

We’ll help you with the pairing by dividing it into a few simple steps;

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth Device
  2. Turn on the TV and ensure that the Amazon Fire TV Box is connected with it
  3. Put your Bluetooth device into pairing mode. Unfortunately we can not help you here as each Bluetooth device and manufacturer have their own instructions, so you are going to have to find your instruction manual, or look it up online.
  4. Go to the main menu in your Fire TV and select Settings
  5. Now you need to select the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices option
  6. In here you will see the option for Amazon Fire TV Remotes, Bluetooth Game Controllers and Other Bluetooth Devices, you want to select Other Bluetooth Devices
  7. Wait a little while the Amazon Fire TV Box searches for compatible Bluetooth devices in the area.
  8. When your device appears on the list, select it and wait for the pairing to be complete.

It’s that simple, not a lot to do. To disconnect the device simply turn your Bluetooth item off. Unfortunately you will have to go through this step each time you turn the device on, but the good news is that it doesn’t take long to do it.

You Can Use Amazon Fire TV in Hotels, Too

One of the new features makes it easier for you to connect in hotels and other public WiFi systems by making the Fire TV Box compatible with WiFi authentication systems. These systems typically force your device to view a special webpage before allowing you onto the Internet service. That means your Fire TV Box is more useful than ever.

A few other useful features that they have added in during the last upgrade include an ability to hide your access PIN from your children or nosy roommate, use shortcuts to activate the sleep function and it will now let Amazon Prime members have access to a customized Prime music playlist.