How to Improve Battery Life in your Mobile Device

Improve Battery Life in Your Mobile Device

Mobile devices go through a battery charge way too quickly. It doesn’t matter if you own an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or something else, they all run through their charge way too quickly. There are a few things you can do to improve battery life in you smart phone by looking for these battery draining things.

Inadequate Service

One thing that people don’t think about is the fact that Internet connected cell phones are constantly looking for a Wi-Fi or cellular signal. If your phone is constantly searching for a signal, it can drain you battery rather quickly. If you are in an area with poor or no signal then you can conserve your battery by changing your phone over to Airplane mode. If there is a steady Wi-Fi connection in the area then connect to that or disable Wi-Fi totally. The more your phone hunts for a signal, the more battery life you are using.

GPS and location services

Geotagging and GPS services can be a big drain on your battery life. To keep track of your location your phone needs to constantly send and receive a signal. Do you really need to know, or have others know where you are every minute? Minimize or disable your use of any location services and only use them when you need them. They can be easily disabled on Android, Windows and Blackberry devices by going into Settings. Location services on iOS devices can be disabled by going to Settings then into Privacy and disabling the Location services.


This is a consistent battery drain that you should always disable. If you are not using a Bluetooth device, then you don’t need it on. Enable it when you are actually using the feature such as when you get in your car or when you pick up the earpiece.


Many phones are capable of transmitting data, such as contact information, to another smart phone in its vicinity. NFC (Nearfield Communication) is also how you can use your phone to pay for items, or use your digital loyalty card at stores. This is another signal that your phone is constantly looking for, which drains your battery. If you are not using it, then disable it until you want to use it.

Background Programs

Your phone is constantly updating itself, as are the programs it carries. Some of those constant updates are necessary like email and appointments, but many of them are not. Several of the apps on your mobile device constantly ping a satellite or cell tower so they can get you up to the minute headlines or look for updates on your friends or games. With some programs this can lead to serious battery drain. Do you really need to know who has beaten your latest high score in Angry Birds? Or do you always need to know what the top 10 albums are?

Many apps can have their updates disabled from inside themselves. You can also set many of the phones to handle most of the background apps themselves.

On an Apple phone go into Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Here you can select which apps you want to receive background updates or which ones you want to disable.

Most Android devices will have the background app control under Settings > Data usage, where you can select individual apps you want to restrict, or you can do them all in one shot by selecting the three-dot icon in the top right corner and checking the “restrict background data” box

Blackberry phones have the background app settings under Settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permission. Windows 8 phone users will find that they have a separate application called Data Sense that will help you monitor the background apps.

Display Brightness

The large screens on your digital devices is killing your battery life. One way to improve battery life on your cell phone is to reduce the brightness on your display. You should also avoid using automatic brightness settings as those use sensors to continually monitor conditions and adjust the screen accordingly. On most devices it’s only a few button taps to brighten or darken the screen so save the battery and do it yourself.

Streaming and Gaming

This one is pretty self explanatory, those HD videos and intense action video games are going to use up a lot of battery. Not only are they using battery for playback and memory, but they also contribute heavily to how much energy your screen uses. Not only do they kill your battery, but also increase your data usage. Before you start battling you buddies or watching last nights episode of Doctor Who, check your battery life and see if you are anywhere near a charger.

If you do a lot of gaming, or video watching or just find that you still can’t keep a good charge on your phone maybe you should look into a Juice pack such as a Mophie or the Mojo Battstation Optimus.

Photo Credit: Jim Bauer