How to Create iPad Presentations

How to Create iPad Presentations

Creating engaging iPad Presentations isn’t easy, even for people with lots of experience. In essence, the basics of creating an engaging presentation, on any device, are simple and straightforward. However, due to limited resources and input methods, creating a successful presentation on your iPad presents unique challenges. Here’s how to surmount quite a few of them.

Pick the Right Presentation Software

There are quite a few apps available at the iTunes App Store for working with presentations, but some have features that put them above the rest. The first of these is Apple’s Keynote, which gives you full compatibility with PowerPoint presentation files created on any platform. The tools in Keynote make creating stunning iPad Presentations relatively quick and easy. You can also annotate your slides during the presentation when needed.

SlideShark is an app designed to allow you to show a variety of presentation types, including Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, from your Apple mobile device, including iPads, iPods, and iPhones. If your presentation environment doesn’t fit the basic colors of your presentation, SlideShark lets you change them on the fly. One of the cool things about SlideShark is that it lets you broadcast your iPad presentations for when not everyone can attend in person.

Don’t Let Your iPad Presentations Be Interrupted

Having to interrupt your presentation to acknowledge and hide system notifications can be a pain in the butt and derail your presentation. Prior to beginning your presentation, make sure you have all push notifications disabled. To do this, navigate to “Settings” and “Do Not Disturb.” Switch the manual slider to “On” to turn off all notifications. A small moon icon will appear next to the battery icon to let you know that DND has been engaged.

Let Your Presentation Be Seen

One of the nice things about laptops and most notebooks is that they have auxiliary video outputs, which make hooking up to a projector quick and easy. You have a presentation that you’re proud of and you need everyone to be able to see it clearly, so you need to hook your mobile device up to a projector, too.

You’ll need to have a TV with AppleTV or an AirPlay device connected to it. Simply connect to the same wireless network, find the device in the control center, and enable video mirroring. You could also purchase the 30-pin connector to HDMI or VGA output adapter and connect directly to a TV or projector.

Walk Around and Maintain Control

Having to remain near your device can be a bore. It makes connecting with your iPad presentations audiences easier if you can move about and around them. Keynote lets you control your presentation on one device remotely from another mobile device. Install it on both devices and enable remote control [Tools >> Presentation Tools >> Allow Remote Control] on the device the presentation runs on. On the controlling device, simply open Keynote and select the small remote icon in the toolbar.

Give Quick Demos During Your iPad Presentations

Need to show your audience some live information from the web or another application? Just click the Home button, perform your external task, and go back to your presentation. This allows you to easily show your audience information on a website, or open another document in Word, etc. When you come back to the presentation, you’ll be right where you left off.

Get Pointy with a Laser

There are times during a presentation when you will need or want to highlight or point out some particular piece of information. This is where a laser pointer would come in handy. However, unfortunately, you left yours at home today. No worries! Just tap on the current slide and hold your finger there for a few seconds. A red dot will appear that will follow your finger as you move it around the slide. The only bad part here is that you have to be using the device the presentation is running on, not the remote control device.