How Do I Clean My iPhone?

How Do I Clean My iPhone?

One might ask, “Hey, how do I clean my iPhone?” I’m going to talk you through how to safely and efficiently clean your cell phone without ruining it.

Many iPhone Problems Can Be Traced to a Dirty Phone

There are quite a few problems that you can experience with your iPhone that may be being caused by your phone being dirty. Most of them are pretty obvious. The iPhone has an excellent display that is quite visible in normal sunlight; when the display is clean. A dirty screen with smudges can make any screen hard to read, even in the dark. Many times, when I’ve had to close the cover on my tablet and put it away because the glare on the screen was too much for me to see the book I was reading. That problem goes away after I clean the screen.

Fingerprints and smudges can also make controlling your iPhone, especially when playing games, difficult, to say the least. I can’t count how many times a greasy screen has messed up a shot on the 8-ball while I was playing Pro Pool on my tablet. A little alcohol or Windex and the problem goes away. I clean my iPhone screen every day, even though I don’t use it much.

Apple, You Made Life Harder for Your Customers

Since the days of the dinosaur, all Apple devices came with the same standard 40-pin connector. These were designed to make it hard for foreign matter to enter and gum up the works. However, for some ungodly reason, when Apple introduced the iPhone 5 it changed the connector to a smaller, taller Lightning connector. I’ve also discovered that, at least for me, this Lightning connector is harder to use than the handful of other cables I’ve collected over the years and had to throw away. Thanks for that waste of my money Apple. I appreciate it.

“My iPhone Doesn’t Charge”

I’ve heard this a few times. Troubleshooting step No. 1 is to make sure the charger works. Check. Step 2 is to ensure that a good connection is being made at both ends. An iPhone that isn’t charging is going to have one of two causes normally: A bad cable or a bad connection at the Lightning port.

So what happens to cause this bad connection? You, that’s what. You use your phone. You store your phone in your lint-filled pockets or purse. You keep it lying around in the open where dust can get to it. YOU are the problem. Well actually, life is the problem. You can’t hermetically seal your iPhone in a bag to keep it away from the environment.

What to Do When It Won’t Charge or Transfer Data

Your iPhone uses the Lightning port for more than just charging, though. Most data transfers between the phone and iTunes is also done through the Lightning port. However, data is at lower current levels than charging, so you might not actually be having any troubles with data transfers, even though your phone won’t charge. A dirty Lightning port can also cause slow data transfers, as any data that is corrupted or missed must be re-sent.

Clean the Lightning Port to Once Again Charge Your iPhone

Before following this procedure you should back up the data on your iPhone, just in case. Get yourself a good light that can be directed. Personally, I also need a magnifying glass, but maybe you don’t. Lastly, you need a small toothpick. Try and stay away from needles and other small pointy metal things. Metal conducts electricity and shorting the pins on the Lightning port could be a bad thing.

Carefully probe in the opening of the Lightning port, pulling as much dust and lint out of the port as possible. Check it. Does it charge? If yes, you’re done, if not, try again. This time, carefully try cleaning the lint out with a small needle. I keep a can of compressed air around for this purpose, as well as cleaning out my computer.

Notice: I said “a can of compressed air.” I didn’t say just “compressed air.” Regular compressed air hasn’t gone through a drying process to remove the moisture from the air. Moisture carries electricity, too. That’s another bad thing.

Use This Procedure for More than Just iPhones

The procedure outlined above will work for more than just Apple devices. I use it about once a month on all of my devices, Apple, Nokia, and Samsung.