Hot Crowdfunded Wearable Tech to Watch

Smarty Ring -- Wearable Tech

In general, wearable tech has been hottest in the crowdfunded development model. In fact, quite a few of the newest and most popular offerings from the industry come from crowdfunded companies. The range of capabilities in this market is pretty staggering. We have Dick Tracy watches that let us make and take phone and video calls. There are bracelets that help you keep track of your fitness regimen and goals. For the woman that doesn’t want to have to wear an earpiece/headset or hold her phone in her hand, there’s a set of pretty cool necklaces.

Great Crowdfunded Pieces of Wearable Tech

Let’s check out some highlights, looking at wearable tech that should soon be available at reasonable prices.

The Pebble Watch Is an Evolutionary Step Forward

Wearable Tech - Pebble Watch
Get apps on your watch with the Pebble Watch. Photo Credit: Matt Beckwith

The Pebble hits the list of hottest wearable tech for a variety of reasons. It has a large, easy to read screen and comes with quite a few more apps than the Samsung Gear watch. Other reasons for its popularity are that it’s cited as being more comfortable when worn over longer periods, has a much better battery life, and is lower in cost.

The Pebble is available now for a little over $200. One other thing — you aren’t locked into one specific brand and a short list of models of phone, either.

Better than The Pebble — Agent?

Agent is a smartwatch that just wrapped up its Kickstarter crowdfunding stage and will be entering production in the near future. The group behind this piece of wearable tech says their driving motivation for developing it was extending battery life, which has been a complaint of owners of other devices. Agent uses unique dual-processor architecture to greatly extend battery life and allow developers to create richer more intensive apps than are currently available.

High-Tech Jewelry for Those That Don’t Want a Watch

What do you do if you want to be able to keep track of your fitness routine, but you don’t want a big watch? If you want to track more than one or two things, or you don’t want a variety of devices to wear, try out some of the new jewelry arrivals in the wearable tech sector. As an example, there’s the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet. Amiigo tracks the usual pieces of exercise data like heart rate, blood oxygen, and calories burned. However, it also tracks exercise type, speed, reps, and intensity. Amiigo’s design makes it unisex.

For the ladies that want to be fashionable and discrete while staying in touch there is MEMI. This hot piece of wearable tech is a bracelet that looks like a piece of fashion jewelry. MEMI is an extension of your smartphone that will alert you to incoming calls and messages and upcoming calendar appointments. However, it is currently not setup to work with your fitness apps. MEMI is great for women who keep their phones in their purses.

The Smarty Ring: The Pinnacle of Discrete Wearable Tech

Like most of the devices I’ve listed here, the Smarty Ring (featured picture above) raised more money than what the developers had originally hoped during the funding campaign. This is because it incorporates a number of pretty features that other devices don’t. A few examples of what it does are listed below:

  • One-touch calling to preset numbers
  • Take pictures using the phone’s camera with the click of a ring button
  • Control your music player
  • Get all your updates from Twitter and Facebook

Oh, and it also has a full-featured clock that lets you track five time zones. There’s also a phone locator built in.

GlassUp: A Discrete Version of Google Glass

Before you skip this paragraph, let me add that GlassUp is much more than a Google Glass. These look like regular eyeglasses, so the wearer doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Yes, it has a camera (a pretty capable camera at that, capable of 1080p video), but it also pops up updates from your connected life, unobtrusively, off to the side of your main field of view. So sure, you can use them to annoy people in a bar by recording them, but you’ll have to tell them you’re recording them. You can also use them to get driving directions, Twitter and Facebook updates and text messages, also. GlassUp has a pretty impressive list of capabilities above and beyond Google Glass, actually.

Pivothead SMART Brings the Camera to Sunglasses

With just a passing glance, anyone wearing a pair of Pivothead SMART glasses appears to be wearing a pair of everyday sunglasses. When you look closer at the bridge of the glasses and the earpieces/arms, you notice something different: The camera is housed unobtrusively in the nose bridge of the glasses, and the temples are actually add on mods that deliver increased battery power and more memory. Unlike GlassUp, the Pivothead glasses are just camera glasses that let you record your environment and/or stream it, in full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second. There is, however, another model in development that will allow you to interact with your connected social world via the glasses.

Auranova Puts Your BlueTooth Headset into a Necklace

Check out Auranova and keep your BlueTooth headset unobtrusively in the pendant of your stylishly designed necklace. This lets you interact with just the phone portion of your smartphone. In a couple of seconds, Auranova transforms a beautiful necklace and pendant into something that lets you interact with your phone’s voice functions.

We love these new pieces of wearable tech — and we’re really excited to see what might be coming on the horizon!