Super-Cheap Home Phone From Ooma

Ooma Home Phone service

Your wish for a free Home Phone service has finally been granted! Ooma can provide you with excellent voice quality and an outstanding list of features that would normally be expensive with regular phone services.

The Telo Home Phone Service

The basic Telo service offers an extensive list of great features that are all included at no extra cost. Imagine being able to make free calls to friends and family anywhere within the United States! You can also make free calls to other Ooma customers around the globe no matter where they are.

Fabulous features that come standard with the basic Telo service include Caller ID and Call Waiting, Voicemail and an online call log to view your calling history. You also get an online phone book, online preferences, and remote voicemail retrieval. Most importantly,however, you’ll also get 911 service, as well as 911 email and text alerts.


For customers that enjoy their privacy while making calls, the basic service includes advanced technology that encrypts and protects your conversation while you are talking with friends and family. You can keep your current phone number when you switch to the basic Telo service or you can get a totally new one.

Once you make the initial purchase of the Telo home device, the only thing you need to do is pay the required monthly taxes and fees. Usually just a few dollars each month, these fees include state and local taxes, the federal universal service charge, regulatory compliance fee and the 911 service fee. If you currently have regular Home Phone services, take a quick look at your bill and you will see these charges listed.

Ooma Premier Offers Additional Features

If you have friends and family in Canada, then you will definitely want to check out the Premier service. For a very affordable monthly cost, the Premier service is much less expensive than traditional Home Phone services and you can enjoy some wonderful features that are hard to beat anywhere.

Premier gives you three-way conferencing, anonymous call blocking, free mobile minutes, call forwarding, voicemail alerts and much more. You can also set up your system to multi-ring both your home phone and your mobile phone at the same time when you are expecting an important phone call.

Would you like to have an additional line when using your phone? The Premier service includes “Instant Second Line” for no additional charge. As a bonus, your phone calls will be forwarded to a phone number that you have selected if your Internet connection is interrupted.

Call screening will come in handy if you get an incoming phone call and you are not sure of the Caller ID. This feature lets you use the speaker to hear the message as it is being recorded, allowing you to decide if you want to take the phone call.

When you use the Premier service, you can forward your voicemail messages directly to your email when it is not convenient for you to take the call. Customers that don’t want telemarketers constantly calling them will appreciate Premier’s community blacklist feature. You can also put an end to annoying sales calls while your family is having dinner by using the “Do Not Disturb” feature.

How Do I Set Up My Ooma Home Phone Service?

When you purchase the Telo or Premier service, make sure you activate your account before you get started on setting up your service. Support services are available on Ooma’s website and it provides a great visual step-by-step overview from start to finish to help you through the process.

Ooma is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service that uses the technology of your High Speed Internet connection to make phone calls. Installation is very simple and easy to do. Once you complete the initial step of activating your account, it is as quick as connecting the home device to your modem and Home Phone, and you are on your way to free phone calls across the nation!

The support link provides tools and resources to help you along once you start using your new phone service. There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for you to explore and track down answers to commonly asked questions. The support site also provides guides that can easily be downloaded, as well as video tutorials.

The Telo and Premier Home Phone services are both great choices for consumers that are seeking both quality and reliability while saving money at the same time. New customers will be happy to know that Ooma provides a solid, 30-day return policy.