Home Network Help to Solve the Most Common Issues

Home Network Help

Home network help is something we take seriously at Digital Landing. While there are network issues and computer problems that will require the help of a professional network setup, whether wired or wireless, that anyone can do — with the right help. Router configuration is something that can also go either way, but setting up the basics like security is something that everyone should know how to do.

Simple system upgrades can help extend the useful life of your computer for much less than a new computer. More memory and a new video card can let you upgrade your video gaming experience quickly and easily. I put together several pieces that walk you through these upgrades.

Wired and Wireless Networks

Home network setup can be easy, but most of what decides that is your attitude going into it. If you think it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be hard. We have several articles that highlight the whole process of home network setup.

Home Network HelpI put together a piece that walks you through, step by step, the process of setting up a home network, from deciding what equipment you need, to getting it all put together so everyone can access the Internet/network.

April Carvelli put a piece together that makes setting up a home network easy. April’s article walks you through the process and even talks about configuring gaming systems.

Setting up wireless networks requires a little more effort than wired networks. This is because they are wireless and access to the network isn’t limited to who is physically connected to it. I put together a piece that attempts to make setting up a wireless network easy, in which I highlight the best ways to make your network as secure as possible.

Home Network Help: All About Routers

Routers are what allow multiple computers to access the Internet, whether you’ve got subscriber line service, Cable Internet, or Satellite Internet. These routers can combine the function of both modem and router into a single component, such as the DSL modem/router combinations mentioned in Bert Markgraf’s article.

Bert also put together a piece that helps you select the right router for your needs. He talks about wireless routers and how many physical network connections you may need. Building on Bert’s piece above, I put together pieces that go into the features and specifications of some of the more popular Cisco and Linksys routers.

Setting up network security requires accessing the router. How this is done is different for most routers and also sometimes differs between models from a single maker. I wrote an article that walks you through the steps to configure your Belkin router for security and to give the best gaming experience. I illustrated this with several screenshots to make recognizing the required screens easier.

I wrote another one that isn’t specific to a single brand. Before you can carry out any router configuration steps you have to access it and to do this, you need to know the IP address of the router on your network. In the article, I help you figure out the IP address of your router and how to access the router configuration menus and what they’re used for.

Extend Your Computer’s Life with System Upgrades

I’ve spoken with numerous people that consider a “system upgrade” to mean “going to the computer store and buying a new computer.” Most don’t ever consider looking under the hood and changing out a few pieces as a means of upgrading their computer. A simple video card upgrade quite often is all you really need in order to play that new video game. Make a car payment with the money you just saved.

If upgrading the video card isn’t needed, then maybe more memory is all you need. Adding memory to your computer allows you to do more because it allows you to have more programs open at one time. It’s also what I call “the poor man’s speed boost.” This is because adding memory often makes your computer run faster.

Let us know if there are any other issues we can help you with because once you get some good home network help, you’ll be able to help yourself.