Streaming TV & Movies

Streaming TV & Movies

With so many services available online, people are beginning to enjoy streaming TV and movies more than ever before. Some sites require a subscription fee to see newer releases, but many are free and your only requirement is a High Speed Internet connection. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu now provide great streaming services, not to mention all of the networks’ websites, where many shows are available for free.

5 Reasons to Check Out Hulu’s Watchlist

Hulu has recently introduced a new feature that they call Watchlist. Hulu's Watchlist replaces and combines three previously separate features; Queue, Favorites and Shows You Watch. It has only taken them a few years to get around to it, but it is ...

Where to Find 4K HDTV Shows

You used your tax rebate to get yourself a new 4K HTV, but the problem is everything looks the same. That is probably because everything is the same. Unless you are watching 4K content on your 4K TV, you're wasting it. It's like driving a Maserati ...

Top 6 New Amazon Shows for Kids

Having a tough time deciding which of the six new Amazon shows for kids shows to watch first? Here is our overview of each of the new programs, to help you decide!

New Netflix Original TV Shows for 2015

Do you love original Netflix shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? Here is a brief overview of the new Netflix original TV shows, films and other programs that Netflix has in the works for 2015 and beyond.

Finding New Movies and Shows on Netflix

Netflix has changed the way we watch TV and movies. Binge-watching TV series has become a popular pastime for weekend viewings, and we want to know where to find the new movies and shows on Netflix at all times!

The Doko Streaming Box: The Next Generation of PC Gaming

It's also nice to view your games on the big screen, after all, it's just collecting dust while you sit in front of your tiny monitor. That is where the Doko streaming box, the next evolution in PC gaming, come...

9 Best Streaming TV Shows You Can’t Watch on Cable

Can't find anything to watch? Curious about what are the best TV shows that you can't watch on regular cable? Your search is over! Here's our list of the best streaming TV shows and where you can stream them now!

Hulu TV: Facts, Tips and Answers About Streaming Hulu

Hulu TV is a great way to keep current on your favorite TV shows and even movies, but you should know the details behind this streaming service before you sign up. What is Hulu Plus and do you do it? What's the different between Hulu and Netflix?

Tips for Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Do you want to watch free movies online without downloading? Understandable – downloading comes with its own risks, especially when it comes to malware (and the annoyance of finding a compatible video player). Streaming movies is easier and often...

4 Great Ways to Stream TV in Your Home

Are you ready to stream TV to your house,but aren't sure where to start? Streaming TV is an incredibly flexible way to watch on-demand shows, movies, sports and other content, but first you need to make sure your device...