Streaming TV & Movies

Streaming TV & Movies

With so many services available online, people are beginning to enjoy streaming TV and movies more than ever before. Some sites require a subscription fee to see newer releases, but many are free and your only requirement is a High Speed Internet connection. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu now provide great streaming services, not to mention all of the networks’ websites, where many shows are available for free.

The Charter TV App Gives You More Options

If you are a Charter TV subscriber then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to watching your favorite shows with the Charter TV app. It lets you watch live TV, view your On Demand Content or schedule recordings with your personal mobile device... Benefits Creators, Viewers is a website that offers a unique platform for users to upload videos and independent films, as well as watch and rate the...

Android Apps for TV From TV Networks

There are Android apps for TV from almost every TV network out there. Whether you want to keep up with Criminal Minds, your TNT...

New Netflix Prices, Improved Streaming Quality

The following updates should be of interest to new and existing Netflix customers. Over the past two months, Netflix has begun random trials of...

Netflix Profiles: A Whole New Experience

The new Netflix profiles gives a new life to your Netflix account, now programs will be geared to individual tastes and not a seemingly...

Popular HBO Go Shows Now Streaming Via the HBO Go APP

Did you know that your favorite HBO Go shows can stream to most of your devices via the HBO Go app? Now, you never have to worry about missing the latest episode of your favorite HBO programs.

4 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

A few years ago, if you wanted to watch free movies online, you had to go to some not-so-legal websites. Now, the exercise has...

E3 Conference Introduces PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV was announced at the recent E3 conference. Surprisingly, the announcement came almost as a footnote to their presentation, an "Oh yeah, we almost forgot. We've got this for you, as well." That's pretty strange for an announcement that just

Watch Android TV Using the Google Nexus Player

Android TV is here. No, I don't mean robotic TVs that walk and talk like humans while displaying TV images. What we have here, is another streaming device. Google announced their Nexus Player during the middle of October.

British TV Shows: Top 10 Dramas on Netflix

Some of the best shows on television in America actually come from "across the pond." You may remember seeing them on PBS, BBC America,...