Mobile Apps

Who knew so many amazing things can be done on a smartphone or tablet? Mobile apps give your mobile device more power every day, and there's no limit to how many apps will be created in the coming years. Mobile apps can help people get organized, learn new things, stay healthy, and just be entertained.

Top 9 Fitness and Exercise Apps to Get You in Shape

Get ready for the beach with these top 9 fitness and exercise apps that will help you to get in shape fast, for free! It's spring, and before you know it, summer will be here, along with pool parties and beachwear. What you need to do is get in shape ...

Google Now and Voice Search: A Digital Assistant for the Modern...

Google Now was a service that appeared on a select few Android phones back in 2012 and has slowly built momentum until Google recently decided the digital assistant to many additional devices.

5 Kindle App Features You Didn’t Know About

You may know Kindle (or Kindle Fire, etc.) as Amazon's tablet computer/advanced e-reader, but if you have been shopping around for apps on another device, like your iPad or smartphone, you may have noticed an option to buy a Kindle app as well. The Kindle

Messaging App Alternatives for Your Smartphone

Social media has moved away from the bulky desktop website and into our mobile devices for the past few years. We may not have noticed it, but smartphones and other portables have quietly become the new social media centers of our interconnected world. Sl

The Top 5 Android Social Apps

When it comes to Android social apps, there is an endless array of choices. From the insanely popular to the lesser known, these days it seems there is a

16 Great Apps for Seniors

Taking great care of our parents and grandparents is more important than ever, as the world continues to expand and everyone gets busier and...

Looking for March Madness apps? Apps-olutely!

For the truly mad about the NCAA tourney, these March Madness apps are just the ticket.

8 Most Popular Android Apps This Season

The most popular Android apps, based upon the number of downloads, can be determined if you know exactly where you should look at Google Play. We can help!

7 Apps to Find the Best Neighborhoods in Your New City

Although, it is important to find the house of your dreams, it is equally as important to find the right neighborhood. Of course, as...

7 More Money Saving Apps to Love

What are the best money saving apps? The number of money savings apps that can be found in the marketplaces for the three main...