Mobile Apps

Who knew so many amazing things can be done on a smartphone or tablet? Mobile apps give your mobile device more power every day, and there's no limit to how many apps will be created in the coming years. Mobile apps can help people get organized, learn new things, stay healthy, and just be entertained.

The Top 5 Android Social Apps

When it comes to Android social apps, there is an endless array of choices. From the insanely popular to the lesser known, these days it seems there is a

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Three years after the release of their iPhone app, Verizon has finally launched a FiOS TV app for Android devices. The new app will...

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My Favorite Car Diagnostic App

There are a few mobile apps out there to help you diagnose problems with your car. Akolyt leaves them all in the dust. Read more about this car diagnostic app here.

What is Flipboard? 7 Great Things About it

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Google Wallet App Still in Business After Intro of Apple Pay

Now that Apple has entered the mobile payment sweepstakes with the introduction of Apple Pay, where does this leave the Google Wallet app? And what about the competing CurrentC payment system?

The New Oyster App: Unlimited Reading with One Fee

Ready for a modern-day digital book service? Think about trying out the Oyster app. This e-book service, which has raised $17 million in funding and continues to grow, has recently come up with some exciting updates.

Accessing Comcast Email on the Go

You have Comcast Internet at home, but you aren't always home, which means that you need to find a way to access your Comcast...

4 Best Apps for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

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Best iPad Applications for Your Money

Somebody loves you and bought you an iPad, iPad mini, or iPad2 for Christmas, or maybe it was just to say how much you...