Mobile Apps

Who knew so many amazing things can be done on a smartphone or tablet? Mobile apps give your mobile device more power every day, and there's no limit to how many apps will be created in the coming years. Mobile apps can help people get organized, learn new things, stay healthy, and just be entertained.

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8 Top Language Translator Apps

As people plan their travels and vacations, a specter eventually arises: The dreaded language barrier. The more exotic the location you or your family pick, the more difficult communication will be. Enter the growing number of handy mobile language transl

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The Savant App: High-Class Home Automation for Busy Owners

Savant is a relatively young smart home company with a lot of big ideas about how to create a smart home. With the Savant app you can not only control smart devices, but also set personalized Scenes and integrate a variety of unique services you would...

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This One Car App Can Save You Thousands

Understanding the codes and gibberish spouted by your car's computer can be a painful experience. Find out why this professional mechanic recommends the car app, Drivebot. Many of my long-time readers know that I was raised in the auto industry and that

5 Kindle App Features You Didn’t Know About

You may know Kindle (or Kindle Fire, etc.) as Amazon's tablet computer/advanced e-reader, but if you have been shopping around for apps on another device, like your iPad or smartphone, you may have noticed an option to buy a Kindle app as well. The Kindle

Google Now and Voice Search: A Digital Assistant for the Modern...

Google Now was a service that appeared on a select few Android phones back in 2012 and has slowly built momentum until Google recently decided the digital assistant to many additional devices.

Voice Command Wars: Siri vs. Cortana Voice vs. Google Now

What is Cortana voice assistant? Continue reading to learn how Microsoft's new personal digital assistant stacks up against Apple's Siri and Google Now.

Finally, FiOS TV has an Android App

Three years after the release of their iPhone app, Verizon has finally launched a FiOS TV app for Android devices. The new app will...