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Home Entertainment

Tons of different devices can fill the ideal home entertainment center, including a great, big high-definition television, a brilliant sound system, a Blu-ray DVD player, a set-top box, and great HDTV service from your local provider. But finding your way through the home entertainment landscape can be tricky, so hopefully, these articles can assist you and help you get the best and pay the least.

TCL’s Roku Smart TV is the Smart TV You’ve Been Waiting...

The new 55-inch Roku Smart TV from TCL has just been put at the top of my Christmas list. It's got everything I want and almost nothing I don't want. In short, as far as smart televisions go, it's almost perfect. As with any product, it does have its ...

Programming the TDS Telecom Remote

You have your TDS Telecom remote (the one with the Cisco logo), but all you can use it with is your set-top box, so we are going to help you program your remote to control other devices. You can use the TV key to operate your television, the DVD the...

Netflix Tools to Make Streaming Easier and More Enjoyable

While it's easy to get started watching your favorite programs on Netflix, some have a less than perfect experience when they stream content. Here is our list of helpful Netflix tools to help you tweak your settings and improve your Netflix experience.

On Demand TV With DirecTV: The Way to the Future

DirecTV has quite the history of offering unique products, especially when it comes to the latest on demand TV content and living room experiences. In 2007, the company added HD channels. In 2010, DirecTV was sitting happy as the largest pay-TV ...

Satellite TV On the Go: DirecTV App On Your iPad

If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you are no longer limited to sitting in front of your HD TV to enjoy your Satellite TV subscription when using DirecTV Everywhere and the DirecTV app for iOS or Android mobile devices.

Programming Your Optimum One Remote

Programming your Optimum One Remote isn't as daunting of a task as it seems. We will help you program it in only a few simple steps. Start by identifying which remote you have. If your remote has three buttons across the top for TV power, TV Input,...

19 Foreign TV Shows on Netflix You Should Try Out

Looking for something different to watch on Netflix? Why not try streaming one of these top 19 foreign TV Shows on Netflix?

Apple Web TV Service Latest to Woo Streamers and Cord Cutters

Users of Apple products and HBO fans will be happy to hear the news that Apple is rumored to have a new OTT service, Apple Web TV, in development. We bring you an overview of what is currently known about the service, including potential release dates.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones With Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV box has added Bluetooth headphones in their latest update and its great new for everyone! Amazon Fire TV is getting some good reviews, people like the voice search feature and interface. The fact that it also works for Netflix and Hulu ...

Netflix and Cable TV: More Customers Move to Streaming Video

The battle between Netflix and Cable TV continues, as the trend of consumers canceling their Cable or Satellite TV subscriptions in favor of Netflix or other Internet-delivered TV services continues unabated. Is it a worthy option?