The number of people owning tablets has increased faster than almost any other piece of technology in the history of the world. Tablets like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and the Microsoft Surface are allowing people to do things they used to need their desktop or laptop for.

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With tablet computers and smartphones offering owners eReader functionality delivered through an app, the venerable Amazon Kindle still reigns supreme as the superior eReader experience. The new Kindle Voyage is Amazon's best eReader yet.

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6 Inexpensive Tablets That Won’t Break the Bank

Inexpensive Tablets Won't Break the Bank Inexpensive tablets are an excellent idea for those that don't need the power of a more expensive device such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab. If all you're going to use your tablet for is to stream the occasional movie

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Modern digital phones are nice, but it can be hard to read those little screens, and tablets are convenient but they don't make phone calls. This is why the newest generation of phablets has appeared on the market -- they are smaller phone/tablet ...

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