The number of people owning tablets has increased faster than almost any other piece of technology in the history of the world. Tablets like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and the Microsoft Surface are allowing people to do things they used to need their desktop or laptop for.

The Kindle Voyage is Amazon’s Best eReader Yet

With tablet computers and smartphones offering owners eReader functionality delivered through an app, the venerable Amazon Kindle still reigns supreme as the superior eReader experience. The new Kindle Voyage is Amazon's best eReader yet.

Printing from iPad Solutions: Find the Right App

Printing from iPad can be a little confusing: There are a number of wireless solutions out there, but they don't all offer the same compatibility, and updates to both printers and iOS are busy changing the game. The good news is that it is now easier...

Belkin’s iPad Air Keyboard: The Perfect Accessory

The new iPad Air keyboard from Belkin looks to be an excellent accessory for dads and grads that own or will be getting an iPad Air. There are a number of other companies making keyboards for iPads in general and some are even making ones specifically ...

The Digital Classroom is Coming!

The Digital Classroom Is Coming! The Digital Classroom is coming. That's great, but what is it? To put it simply, it's an initiative put together by a number of tech industry giants to bring digital teaching/instructional tools to the classroom so that...

5 Great iPad Games Everyone Should Play

There are a lot of great iPad games out there, some you pay for and some you don't. Some games appear to be free, but once you are in them you find that you need to make a lot of in-app purchases to play them. Then there are the games that you thought wou

Just What are the Best Android Tablets?

What Are the Best Android Tablets? Android tablets are made by a number of different vendors. There are so many that it is difficult to decide which tablet best fits your needs. If you want something to watch videos on and occasionally deal with some...

6 Inexpensive Tablets That Won’t Break the Bank

Inexpensive Tablets Won't Break the Bank Inexpensive tablets are an excellent idea for those that don't need the power of a more expensive device such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab. If all you're going to use your tablet for is to stream the occasional movie

Office on iPad — But With a Catch

Office on iPad is available on Apple's tablet at last: Tablet users can now use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, but have to pay for Office 365. Everyone struggling to use Pages or worried about getting an iPad because of lacking apps like Word, Excel or ...

Amazon Kindle Settlement: All About the Refund

The Amazon Kindle Settlement may give you extra cash to spend on books: Find out how and why!

How to Create iPad Presentations

Creating engaging iPad Presentations isn't easy, even for people with lots of experience. In essence, the basics of creating an engaging presentation, on any device, are simple and straightforward. However, due to limited resources and input methods ...