People use their smartphones as a way to stay connected with everyone these days. It's a necessary accessory, like a wallet or car keys. The cell phones we knew from a decade ago are antiques, as we can now check our email, look at websites, watch videos, check Facebook, check scores, text, tweet – and make phone calls. Having a landline phone isn't as necessary as it once was, as families have begun to make sure every member has their own smartphone. More smartphones means more ways for us to learn and explore, so new apps are constantly coming to market. And nearly every year, we're seeing newer smartphones replace our older ones – but which ones should we buy, and which ones are just reboots of the same product?

The New Apple Watch’s Release Date is Now Known

Apple has announced when the new Apple Watch will be available for the public to get their hands on it. We've been hearing rumors about this watch for about two years now and it's finally a reality. Apple held an early this month where they answered ...

Blood Glucose Readings and Tracking Just Got Much Easier

The technology of keeping track of your blood glucose readings has gone through several evolutions. See how easy it's gotten here. Getting accurate blood glucose readings has been fairly easy for the last couple decades.

This Car Mobile Charger Beats Them All

This car mobile charger gives you more flexibility than all the others. Position and orient your phone where you want, not where your mount lets you.

Mobile Phone Amplified Speakers Worth a Listen

Most mobile phone amplified speakers are bulky or awkward to use. The powered external speakers I have require either USB or wall power making them unpractical for spontaneous mobile outings...

Apple Announces 6 Big New Tech Changes

Apple announces its largest new products and features via the famed Apple event in, and this latest conference has certainly not disappointed. We have ...

7 Great Ways to Charge Your Phone Faster

Trying to charger your phone faster and keeping the battery from getting drained too quickly can be as easy as following some simple tips in order to conserve the power to keep you connected. If you regularly maintain your mobile phone and do not wait ...

The 7 Best Mobile Phones on the Market

Has the time come for you to replace your smartphone? Here are the best mobile phones available on the market and what they can offer you it terms of display, power and features.

HiFi-Skÿn Is the Smartphone Case for Music Lovers

FInally a smartphone case that addresses the issue of low sound quality. HiFi-Skÿn also addresses short battery life. Our smartphones have become so much more than just a phone or a way to stay connected. Many of us also use our phones to listen to music.

The Top Wireless Charging Pad Choices for Your Phone

A wireless charging pad lets you charge your mobile device without the need to plug them in. With basic contact, these pads can send a charge wirelessly into your battery, letting it charge up while your phone sits there. Sounds useful, right? As these...

The Smartphone Drone that Takes Photography to New Heights

This smartphone drone looks awesome. Over the Christmas break I vacationed with some friends down in Brazil and we went to the big tree lighting ceremony for the city of São Paulo. There were a few street vendors ...