Internet & Wi-Fi

Internet & Wi-Fi

We are connected to the Internet through more ways than ever before, and the number of things that have Wi-Fi connections continues to grow every day. From our computers to televisions to smartphones, we have the ability to get online from multiple locations at any time of the day.

But all of these Internet and Wi-Fi connections take a lot of initial work to get setup correctly, and people need to know what the best equipment is for each task. Wi-Fi, which is also referred to as WiFi or wireless Internet, helps you reach the worldwide web through a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi connection will keep you tethered to the Internet through your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, video game system, or even your camera.

Internet Sharing: Save Utility Money After the Big Move

Internet sharing is a great way to save on bills after you have made a move. However, there are different types of Internet sharing, and some work better than others. Read on to learn more about this Internet sharing trend, its pitfalls, and how it can...

What Does Net Neutrality Mean?

What does Net Neutrality mean? It means a loss of freedom, and that should mean a lot to you. The Internet has become a staple of North American lives. Most people think of it as a wide open playground where you can grab any information that you want.

How to Save Money on Internet Access

Unfortunately, it is difficult to survive in this modern world without at least some form of Internet access, and that means there is one more bill to pay that you may not be able to afford. We're going to show you how to save money on Internet access.

Time Warner Speed Test

Customers that use Time Warner Cable's more basic and less expensive package plans may be feeling the need for faster upload and download rates. A Time Warner speed test might confirm your frustratiions with slow speeds when browsing the web, which ...

Do You Qualify for Amazon Prime Credit?

Is an Amazon Prime credit in your future? Chances are, unless you're just returning from your once a century trip to the outer planets, you've heard of ...

iCloud Security Under Scrutiny After Celebrity Photo Hacking Incident

Given that the recent celebrity photo hacking scandal reveals what seems like an acute lack of iCloud security, it's time to take a closer look at the current state of cyber-security in an increasingly Cloud-based environment. Apple's Cloud-based data ...

Using Bing Dashboard to Earn Rewards

Have you visited the Bing dashboard yet? In the battle of the search engines, Bing is Microsoft's entry, set to compete against the likes of Yahoo! and Google. If you think that one search engine is pretty much like another, you are partially right ...

AT&T and Comcast in Atlanta: Who’s Hotter?

When it comes down to it, choosing between AT&T and Comcast in Atlanta comes down to taking a close look at the types of available services, their price plans, and whether or not a cost-savings bundle is offered.

Latest Google Fiber News — Is It Coming to Your Town?

Google seems to be more successful in expanding the footprint of their High Speed Internet service, especially when compared to Verizon FiOS. So let's take a look at the latest Google Fiber news -- is it coming to your town anytime soon?

Verizon FiOS Expansion remains in a Holding Pattern

Consumers waiting on the Verizon FiOS expansion coming to their city need to remain patient. Future expansion hopes remain up in the air, arguably because of Big Red's focus on its more profitable wireless business.