Internet & Wi-Fi

Internet & Wi-Fi

We are connected to the Internet through more ways than ever before, and the number of things that have Wi-Fi connections continues to grow every day. From our computers to televisions to smartphones, we have the ability to get online from multiple locations at any time of the day.

But all of these Internet and Wi-Fi connections take a lot of initial work to get setup correctly, and people need to know what the best equipment is for each task. Wi-Fi, which is also referred to as WiFi or wireless Internet, helps you reach the worldwide web through a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi connection will keep you tethered to the Internet through your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, video game system, or even your camera.

Frontier Buys AT&T Wireline: Provider Changes

It looks like a sure thing: Frontier Communications Corp. will be buying all of AT&T's infrastructure in Connecticut, taking over the customers, services and a couple thousand employees. As Frontier buys AT&T wireline assets, the shape of the provider...

Net Neutrality Act and its Effect on the Digital Smart Home

With the FCC going ahead with a new set of rules supporting the concept of the Net Neutrality Act, many of you are probably wondering if it will end up affecting your investment in High Speed Internet Service, and a Home Automation system.

Verizon FiOS Router Adds New Features

Verizon customers can sign up for a bundle that includes the MI424WR router, a Gigabit Ethernet router that distributes both wired and wireless high...

Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2: Bose Sound for Your Phone Calls

If you've been looking for a new Bluetooth headset for your hands-free calls, you should think about the latest Bose Bluetooth headset, the Series 2. Bose, already well-known for the quality of its speaker sound, has taken several extra steps to ensure...

Avoid Danger and Shop Online Safely

The Internet is the world's shopping mall, but be aware: Virtual pickpockets lurk everywhere. Of course, you can find legitimate online vendors who offer quality merchandise,...

How to Save Money on Internet Access

Unfortunately, it is difficult to survive in this modern world without at least some form of Internet access, and that means there is one more bill to pay that you may not be able to afford. We're going to show you how to save money on Internet access.

How Fast is My Internet Service?

Most people find that the amount of time it takes to load web pages and download files varies quite a bit. Sometimes everything slows...

Are Internet Radios on Your Holiday Wish List?

Even with Smart TVs, BluRay players, smartphones, and A/V receivers able to stream online music, stand alone Internet radios are also a popular item this Holiday season. Let's take a look at some of the best Internet radios.

How to Connect iPhone to WiFi

In today's society, almost everyone has a smartphone. As a matter of fact, phones are used more frequently to access the Internet or send...

Bundle Up With Cox Internet

Purchasing High Speed Internet leads to tricky decisions. Service providers try to make it easy through creative selling tactics, such as offering you a...