Internet & Wi-Fi

Internet & Wi-Fi

We are connected to the Internet through more ways than ever before, and the number of things that have Wi-Fi connections continues to grow every day. From our computers to televisions to smartphones, we have the ability to get online from multiple locations at any time of the day.

But all of these Internet and Wi-Fi connections take a lot of initial work to get setup correctly, and people need to know what the best equipment is for each task. Wi-Fi, which is also referred to as WiFi or wireless Internet, helps you reach the worldwide web through a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi connection will keep you tethered to the Internet through your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, video game system, or even your camera.

Uamp Headphone Amplifier Provides Premium Sound Quality

The Uamp headphone amplifier produces clear, rich sounding audio on all types of mobile devices so you can enjoy your favorite tunes. Small and convenient in size for easy carrying, you don't need to spend a lot of money to be able to listen to high ...

New Asus WiFi Router Comes Stacked With Features

I like this new Asus WiFi router. I just don't like its price. I'm one of those people that like the newest, latest, and greatest of something, especially when it's a tech toy. I'm also someone who preferred Asus products for quite a while.

Net Neutrality Act and its Effect on the Digital Smart Home

With the FCC going ahead with a new set of rules supporting the concept of the Net Neutrality Act, many of you are probably wondering if it will end up affecting your investment in High Speed Internet Service, and a Home Automation system.

A WiFi Water Sensor Can Help You Have a Green Thumb

A WiFi water sensor can help turn your black or brown thumb into a green thumb. Watering issues are one of the major causes of houseplants dying. You either give them too much water or not enough water. Rarely do our poor houseplants ever get exactly...

Breaking Down the Net Neutrality Pros and Cons

Net neutrality pros and cons is a hot topic of conversation in most of the Facebook groups I'm in. I receive numerous communications from people on both sides of the issue. These include groups that circulate petitions asking Congress to repeal the ...

How to Improve Your WiFi Signal

Do you have problems with a WiFi connection? We're going to tell you some simple steps, so you can learn how to improve your WiFi signal. There are many reasons your Internet connections could be a slow.

Podo: Stick Anywhere Camera Better Than the Stick Camera

Taking a selfie isn't easy. You either have to lug around a long awkward stick camera or hold your arm at an awkward angle to get the perfect shot. Even if you want to carry around a stick camera they aren't allowed in a lot of areas.

FCC Communication Act for Net Neutrality Doesn’t Mean the Battle is...

History was made on Thursday, February 26,when the FCC Communication Act was approved, yet people hardly reacted. A war for freedom was won without bloodshed and no one blinked. In fact, it seems that very few people even knew that a battle was being wage

FCC Ups Broadband Internet Service Standard

Even before FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's recent endorsement of the concept of Net Neutrality, the former cable lobbyist caused a kerfuffle in the industry by changing the FCC's definition of broadband Internet service.

Facebook Changes: Understanding the Latest Updates and What They Mean for...

Are you ready for the Facebook changes that are coming at the end of January? Curious about how these changes will affect how you use Facebook and whether or not they will make things easier or more complicated? Here are the full details on the updates.