Home Automation Tools: Flic Smart Wireless Button


Within the category of smart home automation tools, the Flic Smart Wireless Button is an innovative device that works in conjunction with your mobile device and a downloaded app. You can use Flic to integrate and control actions such as listening to music, ordering takeout food, automating your lighting, and sending notifications to friends and family. The list of possible functions that Flic is capable of performing is quite extensive. If you are a consumer that is in to smart home appliances and smart devices that enhance daily living and tasks, you will love all the features of the Flic Wireless Smart Button. So read on to get all the details of this cool and exciting smart device.

Home Automation Tools You Can Control with Flic

The Flic Wireless Button is a truly innovative smart device that performs on multiple levels, which makes it a top product among home automation tools for consumers. Automate your lighting by integrating the Flic to perform functions such as turning on your lights and switching them off. You can also control Flic to let you listen to your favorite tunes. When you want to take pictures of family or friends, use Flick to connect to your camera to take photos.

When you want a little extra time to sleep in and feel rested, Flic will effortlesslyturn on the snooze button so you can catch a few more winks. Once you are up and about, set Flic as a timer to enhance your fitness workouts and exercise routine from start to finish. If you want to get a take-out order for fast food, use Flic to place an order for pizza.

Take advantage of Flic’s ability to provide you with navigation assistance by using it for guidance to help you find your way home. Flic can also be used to send distress messages to family or friends in times of need. Feel safer and more secure when you use your mobile devices to integrate Flic to connect with smart door locks.

Flic will locate your lost phone by sending a signal to the mobile device to make it ring. Flic can notify friends of your location while on route to let them know where you are if you are running late and don’t want them to worry. Use Flic as an alternative to speed dial so family members can more easily contact you.

Physical Features and Specifications of Flic

With the convenience of being small and compact, the soft silicone Flic Wireless Button is not much larger than the size of quarter and can be easily held in your hand during use. Flic works with a downloaded app and relies upon Bluetooth Low Energy technology to network with your mobile devices. The unit is compatible with the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

Being multi-functional, the Flic is innovative and provides users with three choice option modes of operation. The battery has a solid life span of up to 5 years and is easily replaceable. The device was designed to be resistant to weather and dust and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Portable and ready to go, you can stick the Flic on any surface using the double sided adhesive that comes with the device.

Flic Successfully Promoted on Indiegogo

The Flic Wireless Smart Button has successfully campaigned for financial backing and support on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo. Initiated on November 17, 2014 with a closing date of January 16, 2015, the campaign had surpassed its goal of $80,000 by a very wide margin, having earned $481,041 at the time of this article.

The next phases include finalization of firmware and back-end details that took place during December 2014 followed by tooling, certification, color and production trials, app design, and more through January and February of 2015. Shipment and fulfillment of the Flic Button will be scheduled during March of 2015.

Consumers can place a pre-order for the Flic Wireless Smart Button directly on Indiegogo. There are several colors from which to choose, and confirmation emails will be sent that will include the option to make your selection for your favorite shade. Available accessories include the Flic Clip at only $5 each that you can use to easily attach the device to your handbag or clothing for quick and easy access.