15 Great Holiday Movies on Netflix

15 Great Holiday Movies on Netflix

In case the store displays of gifts and decorations haven’t revved up your holiday spirit, these 15 holiday movies on Netflix will get you ready for the season.

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We have some classics, comedies and tearjerkers, as well as some anti-Christmas movies on Netflix! There is something for every viewing taste on this list. So turn on your Christmas tree lights, pop some popcorn, grab a plate of holiday themed sugar cookies, and enjoy these films available on Netflix.

15 Holiday Movies on Netflix

We’ve broken down these movies into several different categories to help you sort out what type of holiday movies you feel like watching. If they are available for streaming or DVD, we indicate that by putting (streaming) and (DVD) next to their titles. 


Young and old viewers alike will take delight in some of the classic animated Christmas movies of the past, including these two classics, “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” (DVD) from 1966, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” (DVD) from 1965. Both films delve into the power of Christmas to transform.

Charlie Brown - Holiday Movies on NetflixThe miserly Grinch is transformed when the town awakens to find all of their presents stolen and the residents respond with singing rather than crying. This animation is available on DVD only, as is the 2000 remake, featuring Jim Carrey, and directed by Ron Howard.

Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters also learn about the power of love to transform, when Charlie and the gang save a discarded, humble Christmas tree.

Other popular holiday themed classic animations on Netflix include, “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” (DVD) and “Frosty the Snowman” (DVD).

Classic Dramas and Tearjerkers

Netflix also has classic holiday dramas and tearjerkers, including several versions of “Miracle on 34th Street.” Most versions of the film deal with a mother and child’s legal fight to prove that Santa Claus is real. Netflix has the original 1947 version, with Maureen O’Hara, Natalie Wood, and Edmund Gwenn in black and white, and the colorized version on DVD. Other versions include the 1955 one with Thomas Mitchell, and Sandy Descher via DVD and streaming, and the 1994 version with Richard Attenborough, and Mara Wilson that is available on DVD.

Miracle on 34th Street -- Holiday Movies on NetflixThe 1946 Frank Capra hit, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (DVD), with James Stewart, is also available on DVD at Netflix. It is the compelling story of an angel trying to “earn his wings” by helping a severely depressed man.

Netflix has several versions of movies made from the Charles Dickens’ tale, “A Christmas Carol” (DVD), including one from 1938 with Reginald Owen on DVD, the 1951 version with Alastair Sims on DVD and Blu-ray They also have the 1984 one with George C. Scott on DVD, the 1999 version with Patrick Stewart on DVD, the 2009 animated one with Jim Carrey on DVD and Blu-ray, and the 2001 animated one with Nicolas Cage and Kate Winslet available via streaming. There is also a 1988 spoof, “Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol,” that is also available via DVD and streaming on Netflix.

All of these films involve the story of a miser, Scrooge, and how he is transformed into a kinder and gentler soul, that celebrates the “true spirit” of Christmas after being visited by the ghost of his deceased former business partner and then three Christmas spirits.

Funny Holiday Movies on Netflix

Holiday movies on Netflix also include newer films that have become must-watch holiday comedies. Including these favorites, all available on DVR and Blu-ray:

  • “The Santa Clause” (DVD), from 1994, with Tim Allen
  • “Home Alone” (DVD), from 1990, with Macaulay Culkin
  • “A Christmas Story” (DVD), from 1983, featuring Peter Billingsley
  • “Elf” (DVD), from 2003, featuring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel — (Can you find adult Peter Billingsley in this movie?)

All four of these movies feature characters that struggle to find their place in the world and their own families.

Elf - Holiday Movies on NetflixThe movie “Elf” is about a human raised by elves and what happens when he returns to New York City to meet his biological father.

“The Santa Clause” is the story of a newly divorced father who suddenly finds himself dubbed the new Santa Claus, and learning to juggle his duties as the new Santa while struggling to be a father to his own son.

“Home Alone” is the story of an 8-year-old boy who was accidentally left “home alone” when his large family leaves for a Christmas trip to France, as he defends his home from two bungling thieves.

“A Christmas Story” is the tale of 9-year-old Ralphie, who only wants a Red Ryder BB gun, and must find a way to overcome his mother’s objections because, in her words, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”


In the 1947 classic, “The Bishop’s Wife” (DVD), the bishop prays for help to build a cathedral, and ends up with an angel that helps repair his marriage. Starring Cary Grant, it’s available via DVD, as is the 1996 remake, “The Preacher’s Wife” (DVD), featuring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston.

Available through streaming, “Holiday in Handcuffs,” is a romantic comedy that features Melissa Joan Hart as a woman that kidnaps a stranger and brings him home for the holidays to pose as her boyfriend.


Burned out on traditional holiday fare? Then 1993’s animated feature, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” might be right for you. The plot involves a spooky character that kidnaps Santa Claus, so that he can deliver creepy gifts like shrunken heads. The film can be streamed and is available via DVD.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - Holiday movies on NetflixOther choices include 1988’s “Die Hard” (DVD), with Bruce Willis, where a group of terrorists crash a firm’s Christmas party and a lone cop stands in the way, and is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Another choice is “Bad Santa” (DVD), from 2003. Starring Billy Bob Thornton, the film features criminals dressed up like Santa and his elf as a cover to rob shopping malls. It’s available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Of course, others may prefer other great Christmas movies on Netflix that maybe I didn’t mention. Which do you like best?

If you need help streaming these holiday movies on Netflix or other movies, here are some tips. If you aren’t a current Netflix subscriber, you can also learn more about the various Netflix plans that are available to watch movies online, or via DVD or Blu-ray.