HiFi-Skÿn Is the Smartphone Case for Music Lovers


This is the smartphone case of your dreams if you truly love high sound quality when listening to your music. Our smartphones have become so much more than just a phone or a way to stay connected. Many of us also use our phones to listen to music. This is fine if you’re broadcasting that music to your home or car stereo system. The low output powers and low audio output quality of the amplifiers in even quality smartphones leaves quite a bit to be desired. CEntrance’s HiFi-Skÿn solves the problem of low quality audio reproduction, and then some.

What is the HiFi-Skÿn Smartphone Case?

The HiFi-Skÿn is a smartphone case that combines four features into a single product. Smartphones can be delicate devices and a case is an ideal way to help protect your phone. True audiophiles, lovers of high quality audio reproduction, like to listen to music at much higher volume levels than the anemic amplifiers that are built into the iPhone. At full volume there is zero decibels (dB) of headroom in the reproduced audio program. HiFi-Skÿn bumps that up to a pleasing three dB of headroom.

Another problem with the iPhone’s built in audio system is the low quality of the output signal. The iPhone’s output impedance is limited to three Ohms, whereas the amplifier in the CEntrance product can go to below one Ohm in impedance. Finally, this smartphone case also doubles as an external battery/charger the iPhone’s battery.

Excellent Quality Audio with or without Headphones

The HiFi-Skÿn has CEntrance’s HiFi-M8 amplifier and speaker combination at its heart. This amplifier can be switched on and off. The oversize speakers on the front let the device reproduce music that will please even the most discriminating of listeners. The 3.5 mm audio jack lets you plug in the headphones of your choice, from cheap-o earbuds to extra expensive studio quality phones. There’s even a switch to allow you to match the impedance of the amp to your headphones.

CEntrance Has Made HiFi-Skÿn an Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo is one way that product developers elicit public opinions as to the ideal features and capabilities that their new products should be available with. Consumers do this by supporting the campaign at the level(s) they can. When enough people respond to and support the campaign, the product can be built.

Sometimes a product maker will reserve special benefits and offers just for early bird backers during the Indiegogo campaign. CEntrance and HiFi-Skÿn are like this. Because the dimensions of new iPhones are constantly changing, early bird backers will be able to upgrade their HiFi-Skÿns for half off the retail price of $399.

However, if enough people respond and buy in, the manufacturer will enable advanced capabilities and features, known as stretch goals. The stretch goal for HiFi-Skÿn is upgrading the M8 Classic amplifier to their Super amp, with a whopping 14 dB of headroom, less than one Ohm of impedance, and half the distortion of the standard amp.

The HiFi-Skÿn is currently only available for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, and 5ht Gen iPod Touches. Another stretch goal is the addition of models for Android-based phones. They’re not there yet, but it’s getting close.

Turn Your 5G iPod Touch into a Long-Playing Party Player

I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have a 5th Gen iPod Touch. The Hifi-Skÿn also perfectly fits my iPod Touch. This means that I can turn my iPod into a long playing media player, for use at the beach, at home, or at work. It’ll give me more than ten hours of awesome sound quality at a volume level that can be heard. The best thing about this is it can do this for me and not require any external power sources.

The Evolution of the Hifi-Skÿn

The people over at CEntrance originally set out to give iPhone users access to higher quality sound from their phones. The first iteration of their solution was the HiFi-M8, an add-on amplifier and speaker for the iPhone. However, while it packed audio punch, it was too big so they kept working. Version two was the Mini-M8, slightly smaller offering the same musical punch, but still too big to let it be comfortable for use with a smartphone.

This fact led them to incorporate the amplifier and speaker portions of the Mini-M8 into a smartphone case. The final product adds less than a quarter of an inch to width if your iPhone or iPod, no extra thickness, and only about two inches to the overall length.