HereO GPS Watch for Kids Helps You Watch Them

Hero GPS Watch For Kids

With all the neat and cool devices being introduced to consumers, who would have ever thought that such advancements would lead to the creation and design of the innovative HereO GPS Watch for Kids? This easy to use device helps family members to keep an ever watchful and protective eye on their kids by tracking their location with a downloaded smartphone app.

How Does the HereO GPS Watch Work?

The key feature of the GPS watch is its ability to let you know exactly where your children are at any moment. Whether they are on a school bus on their way to classes or at a friend’s house, the HereO GPS Watch for Kids will keep you continually connected to them. The device was designed to send notifications and alerts when your children arrive at or leave places that they often visit.

sPeace of mind will help reassure you when the watch sends a tamper alert message to your Smartphone in the event that the device has been removed. Parents have the option of including a childproof locking mechanism with their order as a preventative measure against having the watch removed.

In the event of an emergency, there is also a built-in panic alert mode. You can use the watch to get guided directions to where your child is located much in the same way as a GPS unit works within your car. The watch also stores a history of places and locations that your child has visited.

Parents can create their own specified protective safety zones for your kids, which prompts the watch to send a notification each time the child proceeds into the defined area and then exits. The GPS Watch for Kids comes fully equipped with a SIM-Card that provides the capability for hooking up to a wireless network. Parents will be happy to know that there are no required contracts to sign.

Solid Design and Cool Colors Just for Kids

sMonitoring and tracking your kids’ location is enabled by using the HereO Family App, which you download onto your Smartphone. System compatibility extends to usage with Android, iPhone and HTML 5.

The HereO GPS Watch is built to last, water resistant, and the battery will keep the watch running from 24-72 hours. When it is time to recharge the battery, the watch will automatically send a reminder notifying parents.

Measuring in at a compact 32x30x14mm, the watch uses the no-contract needed cellular services provided by Wyless. At the time of this article, Wyless provides networking capability and connectivity to users within more than 120 countries around the world.

The designers behind this creative device decided to offer it in a range of cool colors that would appeal to young kids. Options include Strawberry, Lemon, Grape and Blueberry — a great variety of shades sure to please and fun to wear. This GPS Watch for Kids was designed for the smaller wrists of children aged 3 and older, so the overall size makes it compact and comfortable to wear.

HereO GPS Watch Gets Successful Support and Funding on Indiegogo

The innovative team members behind the HereO GPS Watch for Kids initiated a funding campaign on Indiegogo on March 2, 2014, with the goal of raising $100,000. Within a relatively short period of about two months, the campaign managed to raise $215,647 by May 1, 2014. With the backing and support of 1,485 funders, HereO has surpassed their targeted goal by 216 percent.

The creative minds that worked behind the scenes contributing to the design and development of the HereO GPS Watch for Kids includes the skills and expertise of more than 80 individuals. Leading team members include President Daniel Ivesha whose background experience as an entrepreneur and investor is a driving force and inspiration.

Gill Mendelson, who shoulders the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), lends his expertise in the areas of innovative strategic business practices relative to product services and developments. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the HereO team is Allon Gladstone, an executive with extensive experience in the areas of finance, IT, telecom, business development and operations.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Eli Shemesh shares his knowledge, skills and experience with the HereO team in the areas of server and database development and deployment. His expertise also extends to the sectors of service-oriented architectures within the industries for IT and mobile products and services.

The estimated time frame for availability of the HereO GPS Watch for Kids is December 2014. If the product is ready for shipping and delivery before the upcoming holidays, it would make a great holiday gift idea or stocking stuffer for parents to give to their children. The watch can be pre-ordered directly on the website at an affordable price of only $149, which includes a free 3-month subscription to GPS tracking services. The monthly GPS services fee thereafter is just $4.95 per month.