Helpful Tips When Relocating for Work


Preparation goes a long way to help alleviate stress levels particularly if you are relocating for work. Moving to a new area comes with many unknowns but if you do your homework ahead of time you will be better prepared. By putting together a handy list of to-do items you will be more organized as you get ready for the move.

Who’s Paying for Moving Expenses?

Many employers will assist in covering relocation moving expenses for their workers so be sure to check out this option. Even if the costs are only partially picked up, consider that an added benefit. If you have to foot the bill for moving expenses then do your research by checking out several companies for the best price. Regardless of who pays for the costs, make sure you that you hire a reputable moving company to transport your valuables.

Look for moving companies that are licensed and also consider checking out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well as online reviews from past customers. If you are relocating for work and have to pay the expenses yourself, you will be happy to know that the costs are tax deductible, so make sure you organize and file copies of all the paperwork so you have it handy when you do your annual tax return.

De-clutter, Toss and Donate

You can save some money on your moving expenses if you de-clutter, toss and donate items that you have accumulated over the years and no longer use, want or need. Knowing that your moving bill will be less expensive should help to motivate you as you sort through stacks of boxes containing things that have been sitting around unused and gathering dust.

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideConsider donating unwanted items to local charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. By giving away items you no longer need, you will be helping other families that are less fortunate. Donations to charitable organizations are tax deductible so be sure to obtain a receipt when dropping off the items.

If there are no charitable organizations within your community another option would be to consider having a tag sale. Many churches will also sponsor tag sales to help raise money and will eagerly accept donated household goods, furniture and clothing in good condition.

Coordinate Travel Plans

When you and your family are relocating for work one of the top questions you need to ask yourself is how you will get to your new destination? Will you drive or fly? The answer will depend on several factors including how far away your new home is from your present location.

Some families enjoy cross-country travel and may relish the idea of packing up their SUV and trekking across multiple states toward their new destination. Others may prefer the convenience of letting the moving company do all the necessary packing and transporting and then buying airline tickets for a more comfortable and stress-free trip.

A cross-country drive will include having to make reservations at hotels for overnight stays plus the expense of fuel. If you decide to fly you will need to consider the cost of transporting your vehicles to your new home. If you have pets either option will require you to consider their comfort and how they will accommodate you and your family to your new home.

Will You Rent or Purchase a New Home?

When relocating for work, some consumers may plan on initially staying with friends or family within the new community. Others may plan on renting an apartment or home, or even perhaps staying in a hotel while they search for their new residence. There are unique solutions to meet varying needs depending on your situation.

Many consumers that plan on moving due to a new job in another state may have already visited the area and scoped out their new neighborhood and community. While interviewing for that new job you may have had the opportunity to meet with local real estate agents that can help you find that new apartment or home.

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