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The new trend among the major TV networks is combining TV shows and online content into one package. The goal is to watch a show on your TV while finding new, additional content through apps and websites at the same time. has been practicing this integration for years now, and offers a surprisingly strong package of online material to supplement its home-centered programming. If you have missed some of the latest HGTV shows, or want more information on home design and DIY projects, stop by the HGTV website and see what it has to offer. Shows

Few things are more annoying than missing your favorite shows, or not being able to save them to DVR because of recording conflicts. offers the same solution that major networks provide — the ability to watch entire episodes online, through a dedicated video player. You can visit the website to browse full episodes of their popular shows, like Design Star, Bang for Your Buck, Curb Appeal … and the list goes on and on.

If watching shows on the computer is a little difficult, HGTV backs up its web viewing with a mobile app specifically designed for the iPad. This is a far more handy option for catching up on your favorite shows, while you are cooking, working, or relaxing on the couch. You can also use the website to browse information and summaries of previous shows. Unlike many networks, HGTV keeps full episodes of its shows for months at a time, making it easy to backtrack if necessary.

Tours and Walk-Throughs

While the shows can be entertaining, many people watch HGTV for more practical reasons. They want to look at house designs, spot new ideas for decorating, or learn how to save money on a remodeling project. If you fall into this category, move over to the side of the website focused on Dream Homes and tours. This web resource lets you look at video tours of the latest dream homes and explore interactive media presentations of their features and communities. This is better if you are looking for inspiration, and much harder to pick up by just watching the TV channel.

Make Projects Perfect

Looking at online tours and shows is fine for general ideas, but what if you have a specific project that you need ideas for? Looking at expensive basement remodels is not going to help you pick out a new countertop — and vice-versa. To answer specific issues, also has a unique Remodels portal that specializes in topic-based projects. You can browse between Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interiors, Outdoors, House Systems, Products, and Community activities. Each heading will take you to a whole list of ideas, guides, and ideas for renovation.

The Bathroom tab, for example, takes you to major topic guides, like “Choosing Fixtures for Your Bathroom,” while also diving into articles based on mid-sized, master, and half-bath layouts. Below these primary articles, you can find a whole list of ideas for lighting, showers, ceramic tiles, and bathroom countertops, complete with slideshows and videos. Each different tab offers a ton of content. HGTV has worked hard to makes its website a one-stop Internet search for home innovation, and it really shows.

Go In-Depth with Your DIY

Now that you have your perfect idea, you need to get it done. Fortunately, HGTV also manages, a site designed to support all those at-home projects you may need a little help with. DIY Network is a branch away from the more professional showpieces toward community involvement and practical application. You can view slideshows of projects, complete with instructions, that can be completed over the weekend.

On your way through this satellite site, you may prefer to browse through snapshots that other community members have taken of their own projects and posted, Pinterest-style. Those who want a more HGTV-inspired approach, can browse a number of project guides that vary based on seasons and popular searches. The Products tab takes you to more long-term projects that feature multiple steps with detailed instructions, such as building a backyard deck or tackling a shed project. If you are not sure what you are looking for, try searching the more than 5,500 DIY videos that keeps in storage for you.

Browse For More Ideas

Finally, remember to stop by the blog sections that HGTV maintains. These blog sites, like HGTV Gardens, features short and digestible pieces on a single idea. These are general interest posts that feature full-spread photos and fun ideas as they come to the editors. Visit at Christmas time, and you can find blurbs about decorating in an urban environment or the history of mistletoe. Check in springtime, and find out what fertilizers to use and how to stop spring fungus infestations. The posts are plenty on and the ideas change daily, and sometimes, several times a day. While other portions of the site are good for finding solutions to your problems, these blogs are handy for every day, low-key browsing.